Instant Recall Update

Instant Recall Update

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Good News…

The number of Instant Recall App installs has reached 10,800.  We are closing in on the required 50,000 installs to sell data and pay you.

There are dozens of Instant Recall affiliate distributors that have sponsored new app users without seeing those people in their personal referral list.

We are fixing this problem.  This coming week, you will have a new tool installed into your Instant Recall app that will allow you to connect the missing people.

In addition, there are a number of successful marketers that have missing referrals that have created large organizations.

We are reconnecting those people by hand to insure the point totals are accurate.  We will do those updates this week, and during that update, we will shut down our cloud servers for 4 hours.

When we are close to the 50,000 installs, you will receive instructions for the digital wallet in

For those people in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving.


Paul Schneider

Mobile: 314-324-2160

To join Instant Recall now, download the app to your phone from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and use FRAMW91 as your referral code

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