Feed The Hungry and Prosper Personally!

Feed The Hungry and Prosper Personally!
I am always looking for good things to add to our portfolios.
This one is NO cost, yet you can EARN!!
Be ready it is launching soon!
Please read below and  fill out the form to stay updated!!
This is giving us a chance to create our group before it starts

and … get rewarded

For Helping to Feed the Hungry!

Good afternoon friends,
I’m fundraising for FEEDING The Hungry.
We are not asking for money. 
We almost have an App to download to your phone for free and when you do, you will feed 5 hungry people in the USA every month that this app is on your phone.
The Apple Store was so impressed with the concept, they approved the app in record time.
Not only that, but for everyone you refer to the app, another 5 meals will be served to the hungry every month.
In addition, you will be paid $1.00 per month for everyone you refer. 
Then if they share it too, you will also receive $1.00 for each of their signees every month.  
Remember, this is totally free to join and NOBODY will ever be asked to pay anything.
YOU could easily earn  $5,000 a month and more , RESIDUALLY.
Of course, it depends on your efforts.  If you want to get the 50% bonus on your 3rd and 4th levels, then all you have to do is refer 10 people.

Since this app doesn’t cost anything, and we are feeding the poor and hungry, and we are all getting money deposited directly into our bank accounts each month, no one will drop out, so… the money will keep coming month after month.

The earnings below is based on someone getting 10 people to download the app and then having them
do the same and so on thru the 4th level and is for demonstrative purposes only.

Some will do more, some less.

We use an average of 10 signups per person.
Level 1   10  =      $10 per month as long as the person has the app on their phone
Level 2   100 =.  $100 per month as long as the person has the app on their phone
 (when YOU have 10 people put it on their phones, you qualify to get paid 50% on your 3rd and 4th levels)
Level 3   1000 =  $500 per month as long as the person has the app on their phone   
Level 4   10,000 = $5,000 per month as long as the person has the app on their phone
That’s $5,610 per month residual income 
If you personally get 100 people to download it to their phones and they in turn get 10 people each to do the same thing and this goes thru the 4th level, your income would be $56,100 per month.
This is such a great fundraiser for:  churches, schools, athletic associations, Lions Clubs, Elks, Chambers of Commerceetc.
It also is a great home business. No cost!!!  All you have to do is share it with friends and family. Everyone owns a phone which can now help them enjoy a speedy retirement.
So fill out the form and we will send you the link for the app when ready.
This will be starting very soon.

We will be passing our link as soon as they open,

so go build your team on paper. NO cost at all.

No one will drop out.

To receive my link ASAP, fill out this form and we will contact you as soon as we get going and also keep you updated.

Check it out here https://success-lifestyles.com/instant-recall-free-cash-app/


Here are both last recordings

 Here is the call on 10/5 showing screens with Paul. (start at 2:25)


No password required

Here is our last one : Updates


And here is the recording of the first call we did with Larry, one of the partners/ Master Distributor.


(Some of the info has changed since this call.  This will start out in most English speaking

countries, Mexico and India)


One of my associates, Duane Jones, does a call for his team on Sunday, Wednesday

and Friday evenings at 8pm Eastern.  You are welcome to join his call.  Remember,

this is not a company call, although Paul and Larry do occasionally get on his calls.

I will keep you posted when the next company call is.


Here is the info for Duane’s call.

Please call 470-480-9222

If you have T-mobile or Sprint dial 206-451-6084 first

then 470-480-9222.

You will not be charge for the call dialing the 206 number first.  Canada number, 6472501881





Remember, no personal data is collected.  Much like when the highway department

wants to count the traffic in an area, they know when a vehicle crosses the counter but have no idea what kind of vehicle or who the vehicle belongs to.

Looking forward to working with you all on this as we help the less fortunate.

God bless,


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