TON ~ The Future of Crypto

TON is shaking up the crypto world,  evolving from a Telegram-built ecosystem to a hub of decentralized innovation.

In a recent move, the team unveiled the USDt stablecoin, enabling seamless P2P transactions for over 900 million TG users. This partnership with Tether aims to open TON’s doors to a wider audience, including those new to crypto.

Read more here about this exciting Coin and the opportunity it presents; most of us missed out on Bitcoin, let’s make sure we don’t miss out on TON!

You can simply BUY AND HODL Ton as a good move. A regular investment of just $10 a month will place you in a strong position in the future if, as I believe, TON shoots up in price in the same way as Bitcoin.

The TonBooster Program represents a wonderful way to boost your TON Holdings.

Here is the information…
1) The cost is One Time Lifetime fee of about $30.
2) The “TON” coin is already ranked #9 on Coin Market Cap.
3) TELEGRAM owns TON and is a 30 Billion dollar company!

Please watch these 2 short video’s. They are only 40 seconds and 22 minutes.

It took me a while to actually complete the joining process, about an hour and a half, most spent on getting hold of the TON I needed, as I’m far from an expert on Crypto and “technical stuff”, but I believe it was time well spent!

To get started I recommend the following sequence…
1. Download Tonkeeper Wallet from Google Play or the App Store.
2. Buy Ton, at least 5 TON as that’s the minimum to activate TonBooster. You can do this from within your wallet using a card or crypto.
3. Download Telegram if you don’t already have it.
4. Paste into your browser and it will open the TonBooster Bot and display the name of your inviter (@frammie)
5. Then click Open and enter your Tonkeeper address, accept terms of service and then click sign up.
6. Open the app and select the level you wish to join and click the Join Channel link.

Voila! you are in and ready to promote your link. Note that you are given 24 hours to activate your account and if you go past this time you may need to go through the above process again.

If you have a problem buying TON, I can help you get the TON if you want, as that was the biggest hassle for me initially. If you send me $40(This price may change based on market value of TON; it started at just $25 at the beginning of May 2024.) I will send 5 TON to your Tonkeeper wallet. Use the buttons below to send your payment and complete a very short and simple form with your TON Wallet address so I can send you the 5 TON. You can then use the 5 TON to activate your TonBooster account and start growing your TON.

If you share my belief that this is going to be a massive winner you can use the referral link above or below. You will need a Telegram account and a TON Wallet plus a minimum investment of about $30 for 5 TON, if you get in before the price goes even higher. TonBooster has been added into the Multiple Income Streams in the WSA Members Dashboard…

To start accumulating TON today here is the WSA ADMIN referral link…

The buttons below are ONLY for use if you want to buy TON from me. If you buy TON yourself please ignore them!


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God bless,
p.s  “Be content to act, and leave the talking to others.” ~ Baltasar – 1601-1658 – Writer-Philosopher

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: After joining make sure you set your bot as shown below so you can withdraw your income and not have it all used to upgrade your status

By default the button is to the right causing auto upgrades from commissions – make sure you set it to the left, as shown in the image,  so that you can make withdrawals…

HOW to withdraw your ton

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