Tapestri Launch

Tapestri Launch

Here Is A Copy of An Email received From tapestri

This is a super easy way to make money FREE…..

Our free app is available on iOS & Android devices. We look forward to helping you earn more cash every month by getting paid for the anonymous data your device creates!


The app is available for download in the US right now on Apple and Android. Follow these instructions to create your app account.

    1. In the Apple app store, go here for apple and in the Google play store, go here for google play.
    2. Click “sign up” and get started with your email. We are removing the verification process so depending on when you download, it may or may not be part of your app setup process.
    3. Several screens will come up and the most important one is to choose ALLOW LOCATION TRACKING ALWAYS to get paid personally for your data. 
    4. As long as the location settings in the Tapesteri app are set to “Always” it is always earning for you, even when the app is closed.

IMPORTANT: After installing the app you need to CREATE a Tapestri app account. Get started with your email and create a password. To link your app & affiliate account (even if your affiliate account is not yet active) get started by using the SAME EMAIL that this message was sent to when you SIGN UP  The password for the app account you are creating has special parameters that must be met so it can be different than the one used to login to your back office. Remember, you are creating a new Tapestri app account using the same email on your affiliate account. These are 2 separate and different accounts that are linked together by the same email address.

NOTE:Outside the USA? Not to worry, we will bring the app to the world in the coming months so everyone can tap in and earn. You don’t have to wait to promote our free app though. If you want to upgrade your affiliate account you can do so at https://tapestri.io/members/login/ Pay $9.95 in the next 72 hrs and get 12 months affiliate fees waived. This promotion ends in 3 days. 

Once you’ve set up your account you will be prompted to Allow “Tapestri” to collect anonymous device data even when the app is not open. Be sure to choose “Change to Always Allow”. This maximizes the app’s ability to work FOR you as you go about your day. 
Once these 3 simple steps are done, your app is set to collect anonymous device location data and pay you up to $25 every month!   SET APP FOR MAXIMUM EARNINGS
Tapestri Does Not Collect PII. Personally Identifiable Information, is any data that could potentially be used to identify a particular person. This free app only collects “Device ID events based on Location” and then pays you for that information. 
It’s your data; YOU should get paid for it! Download Tapestri Today.

“It’s your data and your decision. Tapestri works seamlessly in the background to allow consumers to tap into their anonymous data and get paid for it.” 

Walter Harrison – Tapestri Founder

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