Why People Fail To Make Money!

Why People Fail To Make Money!

There are many reasons put forward as to why so many (over 90%) fail to make money working from home.

However, most of them boil down to one simple factor, and that is that people start something and then don’t follow through.

It’s too much trouble to create the good habits needed to become successful!

It’s more comfortable to stay where you are and complain than to take action to change.

Tapestri provides a classic example of this. It’s a totally free app and all you need do is download it and allow it to anonymously view your location. That’s it!

But most of the people that have registered have not even downloaded the app; and of those who have downloaded only s few have activated it!

Below is a screenshot from my Tapestri back office showing the lamentable statistics of would be entrepreneurs!

And the truth is that it’s even worse than shown because the numbers only refer to affiliates and in addition there are a further 673 potential users.

I know that the app is not available yet in all countries (60 countries are planned to be active by mid January 2022), but even allowing for this and only using the installed apps figures, less than 15% have bothered to actually activate their app to receive FREE MONTHLY RECURRING INCOME!

“The common denominator of success is in forming the habit of doing the things that failures don’t like to do.” ~ Albert E.N. Gray – Author


If you are serious about making money there are many easy ways to do it – as long as you follow through! Use the buttons below to find success!

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