Welcome to the Success Lifestyles Blog.

It is here to help you live YOUR dream and as of today 9th April 2016 is starting anew having lost 5 years of useful content due to me deleting the database in error.

Moral of the story is BACKUP EVERYTHING! I have an automated backup of my computer files courtesy of SAWWP (where I also host my websites and have an autoresponder starting at just $7 a month); but I did not have a database backup for this blog! 

BUT it won't happen again - I now have an automated backup for my blogs with the highly recommended Blog Vault  

Peace of mind I should have been wise enough to install 5 years ago!

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  • Gerald Gardner
    May 20, 2016

    I am interested in learning how to create at lease 10k a month or more.and also helping others do the same.

  • Gerald Gardner
    May 20, 2016

    From Gerald Gardner I would like to start making money on line.with your system.I also would like to help others do the same.

    • nsamba pius
      June 1, 2016

      Well ,,,that’s a good Idea incase you get capital,,, however I’m a student and I would like to stay in school whiling making money ,,so advice me friends

      • Graham
        June 1, 2016

        Many people start online businesses whilst working other jobs – school is less of a commitment than a job or 2 jobs. Your success will be measured by your desire.

  • June 13, 2016

    How long will it take to make money and what do I have to buy to get started

    • Graham
      June 13, 2016

      No-one can answer that question honestly for you!
      The more cash you have the better your chance of success IF used wisely and the speed of your success will depend on your investment of time and money coupled with a willingness to learn and apply what you learn.
      The more you put in the more you are likely to get out.

  • charles
    August 9, 2016

    From charles lendon I would like to start making money on line.with your system.I also would like to help others do the same

  • Arpita Banerjee
    September 1, 2016

    I want to earn money but m ready to work hard but I don’t have money to invest. Is there any way with out any investment I can earn money then please suggest me

  • Andrea DeVito
    February 27, 2017

    Good Day Graham,
    I was getting started and let someone sidetrack me, but it was the holidays and it’s time to buckle down and not let life get in the way. I have several errands to run then I’ll be getting back a bit later and make a new start, and this time I won’t let life get in the way of success. Loneliness allowed me to be swayed but it didn’t change my financial needs. Priorities should be followed but sometimes stupidity gets in the way.
    Thank you for offering to help and I tap in!

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