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This page is intended to show plans that you can join free and make money – at least $10 so that you can get started in low cost passive income plans such as BITSPORTS. All these plans will try to tempt you to add funds, but if you choose to do this, follow the rules below…

  1. NEVER invest more than you are prepared to lose.
  2. RECOVER your initial investment as soon as possible; that way you cannot lose
  3. COMPOUND for growth once you have become  risk free by getting back your seed fund.

Success On A  Plate.

This plan is free and with a little bit of effort can produce $10 in the shortest time. 

Just how fast can you give away paid positions in a lucrative plan for FREE. Join with the button below and you will receive a coupon  which will enter you into the Easy Business Builder, totally FREE, on the first rung of the paid membership ladder.
With this come some amazing benefits and you will also be given 5 FREE Coupons like the one you used; the best part is that every coupon you give away you earn $3. Give away all 5 coupons and you will have an instant $15 in your wallet. It doesn’t come any faster than this to receive FREE Cash!


Totally FREE you must install a browser extension on

Firefox or Edge and click sites to earn.

 This is a website, where we can earn about 5$ to 10$ monthly, only by clicking and viewing websites, without any investment.
SerpClix is a site where you can get paid to search on Google, with the help of their extension for Firefox and Edge.
Webmasters can also buy clicks, to increase their SERP CTR.

Steps to earn as a clicker

Click on this Link:

1. Register as a clicker, where it says “Click here to get started” or “Sign up to be a clicker here“. Do not click on “Start my free trial”.
2. Download and install the extension for Firefox or Edge
3. Login at Serpclix website and at “My Account” please read all the explanation how to do it
4. Login into the extension, a new tab will open
5. Click on any available order, another new tab with Google will open, type or copy/paste the keyword and search for the required URL.
Once found click on it and stay for 60 seconds, you can click any links if you want except any ads or the back button of your browser. DO NOT CLICK ON ADS.
After 60 seconds the tab will close automatically.
Keep the extension open, enable the notification, so a sound will tell you, when other clicks are available.

Users from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom and United States can earn $0.10 per search.
Everyone else earns $0.05.
Do not use a VPN or proxy, else you get banned.
From referrals you can earn 10% for their first 3 months.
Minimum payout is $4 via PayPal, payments are sent automatically during the first week of the month, for the earnings accumulated.


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