Kuverit- Stop Online Fraud


Kuverit is a visionary plan to combat online fraud and has no competition at this moment in time.

It has been in the development stage for several years and been hampered by the very thing it sets out to prevent; dishonest people in the crypto space.

Lessons learned;  the man behind the plan, Pearse Donnelly, has now regained control and we can all move forward with security and optimism for a bright and better future.

Now there exuists a wonderful opportunity to be in at the start as capital is raised to bring this much needed plan to fruition. Unfortunately, due to legalities in the USA and UK, residents in those countries may not make donations, but can participate in the affiliate plan.

There are 5 donation levels…

  • Opal $100
  • Emerald $250
  • Sapphire $350
  • Ruby $450 and
  • Diamond $500

All levels work in exactly the same way and so only the Opal plan is described in detail below.

Opal Plan Overview:

Cost: $100

Member Donation Receives: 8,333 KUVT tokens Token Price: $0.012 per KUVT token
Potential Future Value of KUVT Token: $0.10
Potential Profit: $833 if the token achieves the future value of $0.10

Commission Structure: Selling an Opal Plan earns you:
12.5% ($12.50) commission in USDC (a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar)
25% commission in KUVT Tokens, equivalent to 2,083 KUVT Tokens

As you build a network of referrals, you can earn commissions down 5 levels:

Level 2: 5% in USDC and 10% in KUVT
Level 3: 12.5% in USDC and 25% KUVT
Level 4: 5% in USDC and 10% in KUVT
Level 5: 12.5% in USDC and 25% KUVT

Revenue Allocation: 45% of the funds received through selling plans goes into the income plan for distribution as commissions with 5% for admin costs. The remaining 50% is retained by Kuverit for project development funding.

In simple terms, by donating $100 in the Opal Plan, you receive KUVT tokens, which may potentially increase in value over time. Additionally, you can earn commissions by selling Opal Plans and building a network of referrals. As your network grows, you can earn commissions on multiple levels, with a portion of the proceeds going towards project development.

Note that no donation is necessary to earn affiliate commissions; so UK and USA residents may promote the plans and earn KUVT and USDC even though they may not make donations. The number of donations is strictly limited and the more tokens you hold the greater your potential profit, so if you are fortunate enough to live outside the UK or USA grab all ther KUVT you can now at this introductory offer price.

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