This may be a scam and disappear without notice at any time so stay as a free member or adopt risk reducing strategy as shown below!

December 10 I joined and paid $130 in BTC and as of December 30, 2021 I am so far in profit $558.11 with total withdrawals to date of $688.11. I will update the profit figure each time I withdraw but will no longer post proof of withdrawals below. If this stops paying I will also let everyone know!

Dec 11 I withdrew $11.66 to my NEXO Wallet (I like Nexo because it pays interest on my balance and withdrawals to my bank are fast and simple)

Dec 12 I withdrew $14.28

Dec 13 I withdrew $15.81

Dec14 withdrew another $16.14 – total withdrawn now $56.70 – leaving $73.30 at risk

Dec. 15 withdrew another $18.13 – total withdrawn now $74.83 – leaving $55.17 at risk

Dec. 16 withdrew another $27.21 – total withdrawn now $102.04 – leaving $27.96 at risk

Dec. 18 withdrew another $34.18 – total withdrawn now $136.22 – I am now $6.22 in profit and from this point on everything is profit.65.27


This is a great news for those of you who already joined this new Free BTC Cloud Mining Program or will join soon.
You can register and you’ll start immediately to earn money for mining without doing anything:

Currently it’s about $10 a month income as a totally FREE participant!

However to withdraw you will need to have at least 4.1 TH/s mining power (boosting your earnings to about $10 a week instead of $10 a month) which will take about 2 months to achieve as a free member with no referrals. See the image at the foot of the page!

But, as it’s generally true you can earn more and faster if you upgrade out of pocket.
Of course it’s a risk to pay let’s say $20 to earn faster because you don’t know if the company is paying or you just lose that money.

And here is the Great News: Minimum upgrades are about $20 and that will be recovered in about 14 days even without any referrals.

That’s really a Great News because it means the following:
1. We earn Fast
2. We can withdraw our earning very fast because minimum withdrawal amount is just about $3.50
3. We can break even and withdraw our invested money within about 14 days.
4. As our Upgrade never expires after that all our earning will be Pure PROFIT.
5. We can reinvest our further earning and earn more and more.

So, I highly recommend to join immediately and start earning. If you are very skeptic or don’t have $20 to risk, start just as free members. But I recommend to give it a try and upgrade for the min price (or more) and be happy because you can withdraw your first earning after about 3 days.

God bless,
p.s. “Fear and growth go hand in hand. When you courageously face the thing you fear, you automatically experience the growth you have been seeking.” ~ Sandra Gallagher – CEO and Co-Founder at Proctor Gallagher Institute.

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