Why I wear a beard – or – the secret to 100% autopilot COMMISSIONS

Why I wear a beard – or – the secret to 100% autopilot COMMISSIONS

6367oilcrop500x500This is a picture of me and my beard, the question is why do I choose to wear a beard?


It is not a fashion statement and it is not to hide a scar or blemish.


The simple reason is I like to do things the easy way and I regard shaving each morning a waste of valuable time.


So, I choose to just trim a beard once a month – its more efficient!


I also like to maximise my time and effort in business and efficiency here can mean the difference between making a living or having a dream lifestyle!


That is what I love about the secret to 100% autopilot COMMISSIONS and I am about to share that secret with you here and now!


Do you know why the ‘gooroos’ like creating and launching their own products so much?


It’s because they can set up a big product launch and get dozens or even hundreds of affiliates to send them traffic and sales on *autopilot*.


It’s a beautiful thing. Some product launches make in excess of 6 figures within weeks!


The problem is that it can be VERY expensive and time consuming to create a high converting product.


It can also require a great deal of experience.


But what if there were a system that would enable you to get hundreds of people to send you traffic and sales on autopilot WITHOUT………

  • having to create your own product…

  • building your own site…

  • writing a line of code or hiring a programmer…

  • writing a line of ad copy…

  • …and WITHOUT doing *anything* that normally goes into the expensive and time consuming process of creating a great product?


You’d be CRAZY not to jump on such a system, right?


Well NOW is your chance…


‘MyFunnelEmpire’ is an ingenious online income system built by  my friend Bryan Winters and his team that enables you to get other people to act as your affiliates…


Without having to be a product owner!


MyFunnelEmpire is SO simple and newbie friendly that you’ll be up and running the SECOND you login to your back office.


You could even make your very first commission TODAY.


To learn more, click the big button below right away and prepare to be absolutely blown away, like I was!


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