Turn $50 into $1,000 – 100% Done For You – no experience needed

Turn $50 into $1,000 – 100% Done For You – no experience needed

I just got this email from  a new member (one of many similar emails from happy investors)….

Join now and start making money today

Remember: this involves no selling or effort of any kind!

I have 29.64% of my investment back in under 3 days!

The BitSystemX Launch is happening and we’re on FIRE right now!

Use this link to start making money TODAY >>>>  https://BitSystemX.com

If you choose to refer others (not required to make massive profits)…

Commissions are paid Wednesdays for previous weeks sales!

Every new member you bring in is added to your 5 Tier Multilevel downline and when we turn (ON) additional revenue streams in a week, you can profit off of all your downline members sales!!

Plus starting right now you earn $25, $50 and $150 Commissions, which can soon add up – see screenshot of my account below!

Referring others for fast cash
Out of 70 who joined many have not upgraded for some reason and so are missing out; but all who have upgraded are already making money!

Make SURE you save your Bitcoin Address (for daily profit payouts) in your main members area settings. You need to do that to receive your plan’s daily payouts automatically and without any effort.

NOTE: A very small segment of members are putting a paypal address in place of a Bitcoin address in the Profit Payout Settings. You need to put a Bitcoin address there.
You can get a free Bitcoin wallet at https://www.coinbase.com

Daily payouts are getting bigger and are only going to get stronger from here on out!

If you’ve been earning commissions with the affiliate program, our first commission run is this coming Wednesday!

If you haven’t upgraded your account now, you’re missing out on our huge BitSystemX Launch! We have new features, more income streams and some very exciting surprises coming in the next 24 hours!

You want to be upgraded for this as the news we have coming is game-changing!

You can activate your system by clicking here

(Disregard if you are already a paid member)

Thanks so much for being a BitSystemX member and stay tuned for some very exciting updates coming within the next 24 hours!

God bless,
p.s. “The start is what stops most people.” ~ Don Shula, Former NFL Coach


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