Is This A Scam?

Is This A Scam?

Re Scam Alert BitSystemX

Yesterday I sent a warning about the above system and that triggered an email from them “explaining” why payments have not been made…

This email may or may not be true and the program may or may not be honest, but as a result of my email we did at least get some action!

A part of the email was aimed at me….
“A few ‘Top Earner’ affiliates have been sending out emails today in order to shock and scare other members and create fear amongst users. While I understand their frustration, sending out an email to downline members with the title ‘Scam Alert’ is a bit too soon to call…

We just launched over a week ago, we have encountered a few hiccups, growing pains and that is natural for a brand new company that explodes literally overnight.

There are a few Top Earner affiliates in general, who – When running a Google search, seem to have a very bad reputation as being scammers.

You know who you are. That sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

Scammers are not welcome to use this system. I would rather have a moderate growth of this system, dealing with hiccups along the way, than attract so called ‘Top Affiliate’ Scammers who are listed on and are notorious for promoting scams and then when one little thing happens, sending out an email to downline members telling them to chargeback their credit cards.

I’m sorry – But that’s garbage and if that is how you want to be a ‘Top Earner’ then you can find another place to call your business, it’s just not going to be here.”

This has been used as an excuse to close my account and not pay me over $2,000 due in commissions.

No refund has been offered of the $1,047 paid to them for the program and no additional payments have been made to my BTC account (I had received almost $29 prior to them stopping paying out).

My email was sent out with the best intentions of stopping people losing money and stopping any new “investment” due to a lack of communication from their system!

I sent them an email explaining my actions and below is a part of that email….

“Communication on your part or the lack of it is the reason for my actions and my desire for people not to lose money from my promotions, which if happens I tend to cover from my own pocket.
On Tuesday you promised to pay commissions Wednesday and that did not happen. Add to that payments being stopped, commissions not being credited and what conclusions would you draw when there is no way to get answers from the company?”

This has been answered only by the closure of my account!

I genuinely hope that their program is good and will work for you but I still have my doubts and only time will tell.

If you paid by card (an option I believe they are removing) you have 60 days to make a claim and by that time you should have your initial investment back and so the best option is probably to wait and see…

If you want to check them out for yourself here is a link

God bless,
p.s. “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.” ~ Babe Ruth, 1895-1948, Major League Baseball Player

3 thoughts on “Is This A Scam?”

  • Graham, I’m thinking it’s a scam. The email that attacked you, and I thought it was aimed at you, just like you do, I hit reply. Microsoft sent me back an email saying that the e-address was not something – I took to mean that the email part of the website has already bee closed. I sent 50 bucks on a card, which because of the bounced email, I will see about reversing on Monday.
    There are just too many of these hit and run scammers online.
    And by the way, I think I’ve been closed out of my account too. Thanks for that, as my card was probably one of the bogus ones you used to scam them!

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