Serious Long Term Passive Income

Serious Long Term Passive Income

Sick of Scams and Fly By Night “Opportunites”?

We have all played – some we won some we lost but with caution most of us made some gains. However the time has come to get serious about making money and there are 3 programs that fit the bill….

Watch the video below now….[svpVideo v=1]

Serious Passive Income:

  1. Green Technology –  AVAILABLE NOW – Paying 2.8% Daily for 60 days (Real ROI 1.13% Daily)

  2. DNPAvailable Soon – can register FREE now and be ready – Pays 0.5% for 300 days (Real ROI 0. 167% Daily)

  3. VistaNetwork – Available Soon – THIS IS THE BIG ONE – WATCH THIS SPACE! Pays variable passive income with a massive compensation plan.

Speculative Fun:

  1. Westland Storage – this possibly should be in the category above as its been paying for 3 years, but who knows? Paying a minimum of 1% daily (0.5% weekends) for life. Investments start at around $20 and also has a way to get started free using their Bounty Program – makes me good money and I withdraw daily.

  2. Crypto300 – pays 2% daily (1% weekends) for 60 days then 1% daily (0.5% weekends) for life – great while it lasts. Only $10 to start and you are playing with profits after 60 days! I am currently withdrawing every 2 days and I am being paid within 48 hours.

  3. x10app – new and looks a good bet for a few months at least – investments start at $97 and pay out 10x (hence the name) in 60 days. Launches Friday 16th November 2018.

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