Green Technology

Green Technology

This is a multi- million dollar company that is expanding rapidly in the “GREEN” space and you can be a part of it…..

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No selling or sponsoring required to
receive 2.8% A Day (includes capital repayment)

To Join Access The FaceBook Group

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Note: that without answering the questions when joining you will not be admitted!

Basically, the Recycle Bot is a Telegram based bot that pays a base rate of 2.8% daily on 10 different cryptocurrencies for up to 60 days, and you can boost and extend your earnings by reinvesting your profits.

The Bot is owned and operated by the Berlin Group, based in Australia

Main objectives of the Bot are to fund Company activities to remove plastic from the oceans and recycle it to build sustainable housing for the under privileged.

Application is by invitation only and is limited to 50,000 members. It is not shared on Social Media, but can be shared privately.

Here are some videos with information if you want some more info:

Overview Webinar Recording     45 Minutes

How to Join Instructions.


Screenshot of Bot in action (name of bot removed for compliance reasons)….