It is a time of year to set new goals, break bad habits and replace them with good ones.

Most people make New Year resolutions only to find that they are forgotten within months, weeks or even days.

So here is a formula, from my spiritual Guru Paramahansa Yogananda, to allow you this year to make a real and positive change in your life….

It requires Dynamic Will, which is training yourself to use conscious will and not mechanical will.

“You must first be sure that your will is being used constructively, not for harmful purposes nor for useless aquisitions.

To create dynamic will power, determine to do some of the things in life that you thought you could not do. Attempt simple tasks first. As your confidence strengthens and your will becomes more dynamic, you can aim for more difficult accomplishments. Be certain that you have made a good selection, then REFUSE to submit to failure. Devote your entire will power to mastering one thing at a time; do not scatter your energies, nor leave something half done to begin a new venture.”

It is MY will to help you and many more to find Hope and extra income in 2020 and I invite you to join me at

I pledge to you that I will be devoting my will to your success.

God bless and may God bring you a Happy and Prosperous New Year,
p.s. “To lead people, walk behind them.” ~ Lao Tzu – Philosopher

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