Bitcoin In 2020

Bitcoin In 2020

Now the Holiday period is past, I expect Bitcoins to climb significantly until May 20th when there will be a halving in mining rewards.

It doesn’t matter if you know what that is, BUT…

in the past that has always resulted in the value of Bitcoin more than doubling!

For this reason, now is a good time to start investing in Bitcoins and putting them where they will earn a daily return, such as in the HODL Wallet where you even get a $10 gift for joining FREE.

You can’t withdraw the $10 gift but it will earn you money daily and the income can be withdrawn or used to increase your investment.

You can invest as little as $10 and once you have at least $100 invested you can participate in a very profitable affiliate program.

Just $10 a month added to your wallet could prove to be the best investment you will ever make and what if you put in $10 or more every week or day?

Another Crypto I expect to shoot up in value is the SAWWP Token….

There will be quite a few of my subscribers who will become wealthy in 2020.

We have developed a formula that will increase the value of SAWWP Tokens every month…

This will not only benefit existing holders, but also attract new members.

The ONLY way to obtain SAWWWP Tokens from this date forward is by either

  1.   Becoming a member of, or

  2.   Buying them of someone who has already aquired them! (that may be you!)

That’s it!

The total issue of new Tokens will be restricted to 20,000 a month and they will be exclusive to the WeShareAbundance members!

The strategy we will be implementing, I honestly believe, will see the SAWWP Token value rise beyond $35 per token in 2020 and

in 2021 compete with Bitcoins (currently at $7k+ each)

Want a stress free life?

Get it here….
we share abundance is a key part of the site and strategy

God Bless & Be Happy,
p.s.  “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” ~ Abraham Lincoln – 1809-1865 – 16th President of the United States of America

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