4 Things To Help You

4 Things To Help You

Only Time Will Tell!

But that time is fast approaching!

I have been recommending 4 things that I believe can help YOU, We Share Abundance and all its members.

Will they be beneficial?

Only time will tell; but all are now getting closer to proving to be good recommendations or not!

One thing is certain and that is that none are likely to lose you money 🙂 so, why not jump in and join the fun?

Whether you join them or not is your choice, as always, but if they pay off then your participation will help all your peers as well as yourself!

They are….

  1. Monetize911.com (not currentlt accepting new members) which as far as I can tell is getting closer to paying out and they are not hiding away or refusing to answer questions.
  2. Tapestri.io Launch imminent in USA with the ability to FREE as a user and as an affiliate (fee $9.95 a month) from anywhere by referring people who can download the app (currently USA residents). Even if you do not want the Affiliate plan you can register in any country and be at the top of the list to earn FREE when the app becomes avaialble to you.
  3. iHub.global preparing to launch and the name GLOBAL says it all. It will be available in all countries but will be phased in, as is logical. After registering you will be able to request a free hub that will make you money simply bu plugging it in and connecting it to the Internet. It will then automatically mine Heleum for you; but the big money will be made by referring others. They have a launch event that you can regster for here https://global.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=893a9dd9342baec94cf8550e1&id=c37d41ef30&e=9ba22a143d
  4. Avazoo.com $1,000,000,000 raffle Ambassador Program, only available until August 31st 2021. It is 100% Free and you can get a free ticket…with a 1 in 3 chance of winning one of over 16,000,000 cash prizes.

As a qualified Avazoo Ambassador referral We Share Abundance will also enter you for a free $100 daily raffle from now until August 31st, with month end super raffles of 3 winners of $500 each on August 1st. and 4 winners sharing $2,000 on September 1st.

To qualify for the FREE raffle all you need do is….

  •  Register as a member of We Share Abundance – FREE!
  •  Register as an Avazoo Ambassador – FREE!
  •  Complete and submit a simple form  – FREE!

So PLEASE do the following…

    1. Register with We Share Abundance 
    2. Register as an Avazoo Ambassador  (you may have already completed this step if so go here and follow all the steps to make sure you are qualified)
    3. Verify your email address
    4. Verify your mobile phone number
    5. Download the Avazoo app
    6. Click a button to post an Avazoo banner to a social media site, or like a youtube video
    7. Add your photo in the profile page of the app
    8. Complete and submit the form here (THIS GUARANTEES YOUR PLACE IN THE FREE RAFFLE!)

Need more help? There is a blog post here…

If you experience any difficulties you can get fast help here

God bless,
p.s. “The most successful entrepreneurs I know are optimistic. It’s part of the job description.” ~ Caterina Fake – Co-Founder of Flickr-Entrepreneur-Businesswoman

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