How To Make Money Online – Without Big Spending

How To Make Money Online – Without Big Spending
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I have just seen one of the “Online Guru’s” Promoting  an event…

An event where people will PAY BIG MONEY (I believe about $3,000) to go and get hyped up to spend even more cash…

Here is a part of the announcement, “AT THAT EVENT we’re going to be releasing two new digital products ($2,500 and $5,000) and our mastermind events will be priced at $8,000 and $12,000.”

People will buy all these products for a total cost of $27,500 that provide information that can be found online for free.

Why will they buy?

I promise you that 99.99% of purchases will not be made because the buyer wants the product!

They will shell out their cash because they are told that they will make 40% commissions on all the people they refer that buy them!

They will be told that this is the best way, if not the only way to make $1,000, $2,000, $3,200 and $4,800 commissions – a possible total of $11,000 per customer.

This is the high ticket SCAM that has been plaguing online business opportunities for the past decade.

It is true that a few (very much the minority) will make a great deal of money selling these Digital Products and Events, but what of the majority?

90% will not get into profit even though they will revel in making a single $1,000 commission and be use as bait for more “suckers” to part with their hard earned cash!

Look! I’m not against people making big commissions for selling high priced products. If I sell a $100,000 car I would expect to be paid  a few thousand for my efforts, that’s right and fair, because the person bought the car for what it is! They did not buy the car because they were promised thousands of dollars for every similar car they sold!

I’ve seen similar scams offline where people are talked into buying a new bathroom or solar panels by being told they will be used as demonstrations for other people who will be sent to see the installation and they will earn commissions for every sale made to people that visit them. Invariably they never see any people and never make any commissions; its the same online!

It’s sharp practice and it has grown out of all proportion now online with overpriced information products and seminars. At least the people who bought the new bathroom received something of appropriate value for their money; this is seldom the case online!

If I earn a $10 or a $1,000 commission I want to know that I earned it by providing something that my client really benefited from and not because they hoped they would make commissions selling the same unwanted product. 

I don’t want a $10 commission on a bottle of vitamins if the buyer only bought them to be in the pay plan – even if the vitamins are the best in the world and worth twice the price paid (which is seldom the case). 

However, if someone comes to me and says I want these vitamins to try because I believe they will enhance my life I would be happy to sell them and make my commission.

Do you see then difference?

It’s all about being HONEST and providing TRUE VALUE – not perceived value based on greed. 

So before you get involved in buying a product, seriously consider why you are buying it and if its not because you want the product and would buy it even if there was no “potential income” from it then don’t do it!” If you do you will probably become one of the 90+% who lose their money to make some “Guru” rich!

Understand that you don’t need to be a part of these SCAMS to make a decent living online, with little or no effort.

Understand that you can enjoy a freedom lifestyle where money is never again a problem by promoting genuine products of real value, that people actually want for the product itself, and that can pay you thousands of dollars in commission.

I have a free website that you can join that promotes these kind of products; products that you will probably want for yourself, products you will be happy with even if there was no way to make any money promoting them!

You can get started for no cost, you don’t need to buy the products to profit from recommending them (although most members want them).

So click here to get started today with an HONEST BUSINESS you will be proud of and happy to recommend.

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