How To Make Money Online – What’s Best, MLM Or Affiliate Marketing?

How To Make Money Online – What’s Best, MLM Or Affiliate Marketing?
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Which is best? Affiliate Marketing or MLM? 
This is a common question I am asked and there is no easy answer as both have many similarities and as many differences!

Affiliate marketing is simple in that you make a sale and get paid a commission and that’s it!

MLM offers the same but the commission is usually much smaller because it is spread among a team.

Both require you to make sales and in MLM you also need to recruit in order to build a team.

Many affiliate plans have no cost and so you can become an affiliate and make sales and earn income without expense.

Most MLM plans require affiliate fees and so are seldom without expense.

To make good money with MLM you must be able to build a team as well as sell products.

To make good money as an affiliate you need to be able to sell products and usually sell a range of products with upsells and high ticket products for bigger commissions.

To make $5,000 a month in MLM you probably need a team of 1,000 or more which takes time and skill to build and maintain.

To make $5,000 a month as an affiliate you need to make a number of sales each month depending on commission values.

Examples are: 500 sales at $10 commission, 100 sales at $50 commission, 10 sales at $500 commission or 1 sale at $5,000 commission.

Often to be allowed to make a large commission as an affiliate you are required to be qualified/licenced to sell the product which in simple terms mean you must buy it to sell it! Often  one of these “High Ticket” items will pay 50% commission so to be able to make a $5,000 commission you must first “invest” $10,000 in buying the product yourself.

What both MLM and Affiliate marketing have in common is a 90+% failure rate. That is to say that over 90% of people involved in either never get into profit!

However the companies behind the products make huge profits and a few superstars make massive incomes and claim that “If I can do it so can you!”

That’s like saying any golfer can win the masters, or any athlete can break the 100 meter record! It’s simply not true!

I have nothing against either system, in fact I have made a great deal of cash with both of them but I am always saddened by the failure rates!

Below is a screenshot from the company that is widely accepted as having some of the best “success rates” in the industry…
What it shows is that 92% of all members made less than $100 – what it does not show is the average investment which I suspect is around $1,000.

So why have I promoted MLM and High Ticket Affiliate offers in the past? 

I didn’t know any better and I if there was a good alternative in the past I did not know of it!

I had explored several HYIP plans and found them to be illegal ponzis and I had tried some “done for you systems” that simply did not work, but about 3 years ago I teamed up with a man I greatly respect and he put together a done for you system called Real Marketing Masters (RMM), where everyone made money!

Problem was its success became its downfall as there was so much cash flowing in and out that the processing companies got cold feet and froze millions of dollars, some of which has not been released to this day! Naturally without cash flow it closed down and it’s creator lost everything.

Just so you know; this is not a unique situation, many blossoming businesses have suffered similar fates brought about by success and rapid growth!

So it was back to the old and proven systems. Yes proven to fail for over 90% of participants!

However, you can’t keep a good man down and now the originator of RMM is back. In late 2016 he piloted a plan that worked for EVERYONE but now used Bitcoins to avoid the problems that destroyed RMM.

It is a masterstroke of genius and all members make a profit, you can even get a guaranteed $1,000 a month PROFIT for your first 7 months. It is a new wave and there are a few reputable organisations operating similar plans – and a great many scams ripping of the public, one of the most recent being Gladiacoin who disappeared with what I believe to be around 2 billion dollars of members funds.

To learn more watch or read another post I made recently here 

So now there is no need to be among the 92% who fail to line the pockets of the rich; you can soon be profiting with rock solid companies like so many others who are joining our ranks!



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