Make Money Online Without Selling

Make Money Online Without Selling
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While my favorite program remains the FREEDOM FORMULA (click here for more info), this is a very straightforward passive investment platform which has been operating overseas since 2013.

It is touted as being the #1 investment opportunity in Hong Kong, China, Russia and parts of Europe for some time now.

It is gaining international recognition now because of its very solid track record, having been around and paying for close to 5 years now.

I can regurgitate information for you that is floating about online but let’s just cut to the chase shall we…….

To do this let’s just look at the pros and the cons. Let’s start with the cons

 CONS (for the skeptics)

  • The program is a registered Investment company but it can be argued that anyone can get a company registered these days so that doesn’t really tell us anything.

  • The company is out of Asia and personally I have had bad experiences with programs from these regions due to language barriers and by extension poor support. So far all indications show that their support is significantly better than I expected so this may actually be a non issue.

  • The company outlines various different ways by which they generate a legitimate income but as usual, it is near impossible to know ( for sure) if any of this is for real and/or what really goes on behind closed doors. 
    The company states that it operates on the domestic market of China on the stock exchanges, operating in 4 directions; structured product, index portfolio, trust management, individual accounts.

    The reality is that this is the case with nearly every program online so THERE IS NO REWARD WITHOUT RISK.
    Those who cannot accept this should NOT invest online.

  • The company claims to be around since 2013 but is only now being introduced in North America.

    The truth is that I have heard this many times before and usually,when one tries to investigate the company that has been supposedly around for all these years in a foreign country, usually NOTHING can be found to substantiate these claims…..Key word here is USUALLY !!!


  •  I’m sure that we can go on and on as anyone can poke numerous holes in any opportunity online but the reality of the situation is that EVERY PROGRAM online has an element of risk and this must not only be understood but accepted. What YOU ( not your sponsor or anyone else but you ) must do is review the facts/information at hand, weigh the pros and cons, consider the risk vs potential rewards and then make an informed decision to either get involved or not.


  • The program is quite unique in a number of ways and has many desirable characteristics that will be outlined in the next section.

  • This program has been tested and reviewed before sharing with you so proper due diligence has been done ( as best as could be done I should say ).

    We have contacted 3-4 levels of uplines above us to confirm that this program is both paying AND that it has been around for the amount of time the company claims it has. This is one of the biggest points to consider as one upline has been involved for 1 month, the other for 4 months and yet another it has been confirmed that he has been involved for 2 years.All of these members have been paid as per the compensation plan without fail.

  • We have gone as far as having one upline show us his personal back office to confirm all of this so we can confirm that this opportunity has been around and paying.

  • There are testimonials from many different people and it is clear to see that these people are real.

  • We have been privy to members joining this opportunity with 5 and 10 million dollars. One man came to China with his lawyers and translator just to invest in this opportunity.

  • They offer the option that once someone reaches a certain volume in the program, the company will open up a physical office in that members area and pay all the expenses to set up this office as well as various bonuses etc.

    This certainly paints a good picture for investors and makes things a lot more real.

    There is actually an office opening in Florida ( which will be visited by someone in the Team of course ) and also a member is planning on opening an office in NYC.

  • I guess anything could be a ‘scam,’ remember Bernie Madoff fooled wealthy people and celebrities, but considering what we are seeing online, this does not raise red flags to me as in many other things where there are plenty of question marks.

  • The risk/reward ratio is excellent as you will see below


  • Passive DAILY earnings

  • Earn DAILY 1.8% – 3.5% DAILY (5 days per week)

  • LIFE-TIME payments (no end of term)

  • DAILY Compounding Available

  • Multiple pay-in options as well as pay out options

  • NO membership dues or fees

  • No Ads to click or any form of daily task

  • No documents to send in or verification process

  • Your initial capital is available to withdraw at any time!

  • Optional Referral Plan (pays on 5 levels)

  • Minimum deposit is $35

  • Live chat on the website or skype and you can even call them on the phone

 Apart from all the good stuff above, let me hone in on a few key features just to re-emphasize :

  • You simply deposit and earn anywhere from 1.5 – 3.5% a day which is HUGE (you can’t get this with most programs)

  • You can strategically compound and or add additional funds until you reach a certain daily/weekly/monthly goal as you continue to earn daily (after a certain level your plan never expires which again is HUGE !!! )

  • You can withdraw your entire deposit anytime you want…Your funds are not locked in or lost but available for total withdrawal if you find the need to do so (emergency etc.)….This again is HUGE

  • This is not a new opportunity as we have gone to lengths to ensure that this program has been paying for at least 2 years from our DD so far (how many programs do you know of that has lasted this long).

  • Even with this, the program is ONLY JUST being exposed to North America and the rest of the world so there is a huge potential to share with others for those who want to do so and earn even more.

  • The compensation plan is HUGE AND UNIQUE.

    You earn a percentage of the daily earnings of every single downline in your organization down 5 levels deep…You do not earn a commission when they deposit as is the norm but rather as they earn daily, you earn a percentage of their daily earnings.

    To those who actively share with others, this can certainly add up as everyone would be earning daily and increasing their daily earnings with time.




If you are skeptical start small and build your investment and your confidence in the program.

If you want to give it a good go then jump in with at least $300 so that you are making 1.8% a day (1.8% a day is phenomenal and works out to 39.6% a month without compounding)

If you really see the potential in this then get involved with at least $1,000 but strategically those who could afford it should start with at least $6,000 so you earn 2.2% a day (that’s $132 a day that could be compounded daily….This adds up very quickly).


1) There is a calculator on the home page that you can use to get daily and monthly projections 

2) I’ll provide every single member that invests $300 or more with a coded web page just for you to make it very simple to share with others should you feel that’s something you’d like to do.


1) Click here or use the button below and register (make sure you see my username which is frammie while registering).

2) Click on OPEN ACCOUNT and then complete the form by submitting the following details….

Email Address
Skype Username*
Your Password
Confirm Password

*If you don’t have a Skype username you can add your first and last name with no space

 3) Click on “Personal Information” in the back office and add your payment method.
If you are using Bitcoin your will carefully copy your RECEIVE Bitcoin wallet address and paste it where indicated as this cannot be changed after.

ALSO, where it says LOGIN*, change whatever is there to your username so that this will then form part of your referral link ( your referral link can be found at the top right corner once you make this change ).

 4) Now you can make your deposit by clicking on “Account” and selecting “Open deposit”. If you have any questions you use the contact form at the bottom right corner of the website. Please allow 24 hours for your deposit to be listed as active.

5) Submit the form below if you want a promotional webpage like this (you must invest $300 or more to get this free or pay a $50 fee)

We will soon have videos explaining the entire back office etc. but above are the important initial steps to follow.

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