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First off let me say I am not knocking the USI-Tech (USI) program. I am in USI and I love it but it is usually misrepresented (not by USI, but by people promoting this who don't really understand it)...

I am simply explaining it as it should be explained, so that IF you decide to join you will understand what you will be getting.

This is therefore a no-hype factual description of the plan, what you can expect to receive and what it is safe to draw out.

There are 2 benefits with USI:

  1. Capital Growth

  2. Income

It is a plan I believe all people should be in for the first benefit - that of Capital Growth and only later for Income.

So if you are looking for Income immediately I believe their are better options unless you have a significant amount ($25,000 or more) to invest

It is low cost to get started at just €50 and thats about $58 at the time of making this post.

Each investment lasts for 140 working days or 28 weeks and at the end of that time has expired.

They pay you 5 days a week based on their trading profits and this is usually depicted as being 5% a week but I have been in USI for over 6 months and the average over that time is around 4.67% which may not seem like a big difference but is significant as I will show in my spreadsheet.

Additionally the payments made include capital returned and so the figure quoted is not your profit or interest on your investment and this in fact is actually about 1.43% IF a 5% weekly payout is achieved.

At 4.67% the interest is 1.1% a week which is still very good and probably close to 30 times better than having your money in the bank at about 2% a year!

This can be enhanced by the fact that you can compound your income by reinvesting and if a 100% re-investment plan is operated then that 1.1% can become as much as 5.68% a week which is remarkable.

The reason for the, "can become as much as," is because that is based on daily compounding which can only be achieved if your total daily income exceeds €50 (the minimum investment).

Another way the plan is often described is by quoting a 40% Return On Investment (ROI) over a 28 week period, but that is only true if 5% a week is averaged and at  4.67 per week this drops to 30.67% over the same 28 weeks.

In addition the payments you receive are in and based on Bitcoin; so if you invest €50 and that is 1 Bitcoin at the time you invest (I know that's not the real number but it doesn't matter for this example) you will have been paid at the end of the 28 week period 1.4 Bitcoins at 5% a week or 1.3067 Bitcoins at 4.67% a week.

As Bitcoins fluctuate wildly in the short term this can result in higher or lower net returns; but as they are rising steadily in the medium to long term the likelihood is that your gains will increase.

Taking the example above your 1 Bitcoin invested 28 weeks ago at a value of €50 would now be 1.3067 Bitcoins; and as Bitcoins have increased  3.44 in value in the past 28 weeks (actual increase over the past 28 weeks as at November 3rd 2017) you would not have just €68.35 but €235.12. A massive 13.15% a week PROFIT!

Now we don't know, with certainty, what will happen to the price of Bitcoins but the probability is that you will make more that the actual %age returns from USI.

A word of caution - I spoke of using USI for Capital Growth not Income, and that's because if you withdraw over 20% of your gross income you will be running down your investment over time rather than building your investment and so your income will start to dwindle and disappear.

This is illustrated in the video above that goes through the spreadsheet.

If you are looking for income sooner rather than later then there are 2 plans I recommend and you can see those in more detail using the buttons below marked Income 1 and Income 2.

However my strongest recommendation is not to have all your eggs in one basket and balance your investing between all 3 plans. You can get started in all 3 for about $200 in Bitcoins.

If you don't already own Bitcoins you should expect to pay a premium for buying them and this will vary depending on where and how you make your purchase.

You may be able to buy for as little as a 6% fee but could pay as much as 35%, the bottom line is it doesn't matter, you need to get started now and as fast as you can so forget the fees and get your Bitcoins today.

Entrepreneurs look at the rewards not the costs!


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