How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website


A Great Offer With No Traffic Will Never Make A Sale….

A Poor Offer With Masses Of Good Traffic Will Make Sales

There are many traffic systems available and they are usually confusing, worthless or expensive, so I have been testing a few that may interest marketers, especially those new to marketing.

I have narrowed it down to 3 systems here…

  1. My Lead Gen Secret (My #3 Pick)

  2. Organic Prospects (My #1 Pick)

  3. Udimi Solo Ads (My #2 Pick)

I have chosen the 3 above because they are all popular and very easy to use.

1 and 2 are very similar and #1 is well advertised online but my preference is for option 2 even though the numbers of leads provided is lower I have found them to be far more responsive.

However, it should be noted that sales do not usually come from blasting out emails with affiliate links!

It takes time to nurture a subscriber and take them from a “Cold Prospect” to a “Hot Buyer” and this is done over time by providing value and service.

That said, all the above can get you subscribers quickly and at a reasonably low cost. Anything I have tested costing less than these options has been a complete waste of cash!

If you are an experienced marketer you can download leads from options 1 and 2 and  add them to a retargeting audience. Don’t worry about this if you are a novice!

Keeping it really simple just set out to use one of the resources for 6 months and as you start seeing some results you can expand into all 3.

Don’t expect miracles day 1, it takes time and persistence to build a business; its a simple process but it needs dedication!

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