You will take the following steps ready for our BETA Launch of

Planned for December 15th 2019 all being well![svpVideo v=1]

Steps to take…..
1. Enrol at (if not already a member)
2. Upgrade to the highest level available – currently Pool 5 (Total fees of $40)
3. Read all messages in your inbox and pay attention to what is written
4. Send messages to all available pools (promote something you are passionate about that will help others)
5. Refer as many new members as possible between now and Beta Launch – your referral link is in back office under the Downline link in the dropdown menu
6. Buy all the SAWWP Tokens you can NOW!
7. Explore and become familiar with eveything on the new WeShareAbundance website
8. Grab all the Ambassador positions  you can NOW – the price will never be lower and they will soon be paying out 100% Passive Income

Why take the above actions?

*The database will be moved to the new site on Beta Launch with all your downline intact and earning you money from day 1
*There will be FREE SAWWP Token allocations to all existing members based on their pool level on the day of transfer.
*Only members who have their accounts fully upto date with messages read and sent will be eligible for the FREE SAWWP Token allocations
*SAWWP Tokens will rise significantly in value once we launch
*The new site is already packed with value and tutorials – the more you know and learn the better placed you will be to help others and the more people you help the more money you will make!
* There will be a rush of people joining after launch and you have the chance to be in at the top; we expect thousands to join in the first few weeks.
*Existing members referred by admin (over 1,700 of them) will be allocated randomly to Pool 5 members potentially increasing your income from day 1 of Beta Launch.

These are exciting times and you are in the right place at the right time to make a finacial killing IF YOU TAKE ACTION!

Here are another 7 SOLID plans I believe everyone should join….


You can register for all of them 100% free and…

Because the people behind these plans are trustworthy and honest!

They are here for the long haul and will generate huge incomes for many years…

Even for newbies!

All are still in development but will allow you to make money now….

  1. Vista Network. Register free  add 8293087 as referral username
  2. We Share Abundance Register free
  3. 360Win. Register free
  4. OnPassive. Register free
  5. Kuverit. Register free
  6. Hashing AdSpace Register free
  7. FREE Portal Register free

They will ALL be HUGE!

Join them now and resolve to be active in them all right away!

Advertise anything here free….

God bless,
p.s.  “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ~ Albert Einstein – 1879-1955 – Physicist

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