Elevate Pass

Elevate Pass

What I Really Like About This Plan Is That....

It allows anyone to get started AND MAKE MONEY for just $10.

I also like the fact that they are giving money to charities and doing something positive to make this world a better place.

If you don’t have $10 to start then you can make that here totally free.

If you are already a member of We Share Abundance (WSA) you can join from the FREE Multiple Income Streams in your member area and then add your affiliate ID (You will need to buy a $10 ad pack to get your affiliate link) to automatically build your income. If you are not already a member of We Share Abundance, why not? It’s better than free – see what I mean by clicking here.

My sponsor has been involved with Elevate Pass from the very start and so offers some perspective about this opportunity..  As most of already know there are a lot of different passive income platforms they we see being promoted but the truth is that 99% of them will not last more than a few months to a couple of years..  There have been one or two that are still operating after two years but they also have had their problems to iron out. 

What Elevate Pass is attempting to achieve with the set up of this business is to create a passive income stream that can last for 10 years or more and they do that by maintaining a sensible weekly return that is sustainable over the very long term.  

This is achieved by paying up to 3% per week in cash back rewards.   They cannot promise to pay 3% every week because there is no way that anyone can guarantee winning trades 100% of the time.   Even the very best traders and hedge funds can lose money and so it’s not appropriate to promise anything.  

What Elevate are doing is protecting the total capital of the company and not over leveraging or taking big gambles with the money.   When they have a good trading week then we get 3% but if they have a bad week or performance then they pay what they can afford to pay.

For those people that are interested in building more of an income stream and not just relying on the passive weekly returns then the company have created a sensible affiliate rewards plan for those that wish to help the company grow it’s userbase.

10% upfront commissions on every pack purchased by your front line team members and 1.8% from a 22 level matrix which you qualify for when joining.   In order to climb the Career plan and open up levels within the matrix you have to qualify by reaching certain financial requirements.

Alternatively you can qualify by purchasing various Matrix Boosters that not only give you access to the levels of the matrix but also give you an extended period of active packages so that you can generate greater levels of passive income.

This is a fair and sensible approach to maintaining the integrity and sustainability of the business.

If this is not good enough then very soon Elevate Pass will be launching a brand new set of affiliate products from which to generate even more income and these will be based around a higher ticket price point that will allow you to make significant extra income.

We will be a business that offers something for everyone and I believe will attract alot of new affiliates over the coming years.

We should also remember that we also get advertising credits to promote any other business on the Coinfriend website and also remember we can pay and earn in multiple different crypto currencies and there are no excessive withdraw fees.

I believe that this company are doing everything the right way.  The founders are just the same as you and I because they come from the network marketing industry and understand what it takes to create something long term and sustainable.   They are also open to questions twice a week and do not hide who they really are.

They have committed to transparency from day 1 and they include weekly trade performance in our back office via video overview and downloadble pdfs.

Finally what I would also say that this business is open to everyone from all over the world and is affordable to anyone with a starting cost of just $10.00

I believe i am right in saying that the upper limit for pack purchases is $100,000 but I do need to check that.  

Most online passive income busniesses tend to start from $50 to $100 but then have packages that run into the tens of thousands.    You can choose how many packages you want to purchase at any given time.   

There is no rule that says you have to keep upgrading and you can come in and out at any level. 

This has to be the most flexible business on the internet.

Check It out by clicking here:

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