BitSystemX SCAM Alert!

BitSystemX SCAM Alert!

It just may be ok – wait and see!

I missed the BitSystemX call (if it took place) and cannot find anyone who was on it for information…

I am afraid we have been scammed with this – it only lasted 5 days!

Tickets are unanswered, Commissions are unpaid and daily credits appear to have stopped on 31st July!

If you have any information to the contrary please let me know!

If you paid using BTC, as I did, I fear you will have lost your cash, but…

If you paid by card you should be able to get your money back by doing the following..

  1.   Contact the card provider with the following message stating how much you paid and when plus the fact that the goods were not as described.
    “Payment was made to GENIUSMARKETING CRAZEEBOX.COM CA using the interface. There is no valid email but a support desk is there which does not respond. The product is digital and promises to make credits to my account daily but appears to be a scam as no payments have been made and outstanding commissions are overdue and unpaid. The website in question is  I understand that all members are experiencing the same problems and have not received the promised benefits.”
  2.   Contact Stripe with same information here

I am sorry to have got involved in this and promoted to you but it seemed to be easy to get back a $50 investment which is what I recommended – I actually received $29 in the 5 days of operation and who would have thought it would disappear so fast?

I also conclude that is a scam although as no money is paid there are no financial losses involved. 🙂

God bless,
p.s. “Realize that if a door is closed, it’s because what was behind it wasn’t meant for you.” ~ Mandy Hale, Author


13 thoughts on “BitSystemX SCAM Alert!”

  • I received daily btc payouts up until yesterday, after the weekly commission run. Did not receive anything yesterday.

    I was averaging about $4. per day in btc payments.

    Also received $50. in commission payments for 2 upgraded members.

    Not sure what is happening with daily btc payments now – will have to wait and see.

  • Oh okay I’ll wanna receive the month and instigations to choice whatever you want me to do friend.

      • I invested $50 in BitSystenX.con via credit card on 07/28/2018 and have received $25.33(0.00096025 BTC) as of 08/06/2018 into my Coinbase wallet. I received deposits every day except for 08/02/2018. I will continue to monitor my Coinbase wallet daily to see if deposits continue.

          • Hi Graham: I joined Bitsystem X under your link. Please send me instructions on how to set up my account with a credit card ($50).
            A video would be helpful; I don’t want to mess up and send 50 bucks into cyberspace and not be able to recover it. Thanks. Bob Gruhl

  • These are my results thus far with
    1. I deposited $50.00 via credit card on 07/28/2018
    2. I have received $25.33(0.00096205 BTC) into my Coinbase wallet as of 08/06/2018
    3. I have received deposits into my Coinbase wallet every day except for 08/02/2018
    4. I will continue to monitor my Coinbase wallet activity daily to see if my deposits continue
    5. I can’t really call a scam yet since I am receiving the results that I am.
    6. Stay tuned for the follow-up results

    • I too payed the 50 and was getting small payments then it stopped .I’m now getting nothing.Also I sent two support tickets a week ago or two and no answer,I have not got any thing since last week.I listened to phone seminar it was very short they talked about a new upgraded site and support but yet are doing nothing to respond.They said they had some glitch and lost some member ids and would return those people who lost money .I GUESS ITS WAIT AND SEE. I JOINED jULY 25TH IM NOT HAPPY TO SAY THE LEAST

      • I think it should be avoided by new investors and existing member upgrades. Communication is, to say the least very poor and I am not confident that investments will pay off!

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