Automated Arbitrage For Passive Income

Automated Arbitrage For Passive Income

Massive Passive for just $20!

I would like to bring Arfriq Arbitrage System (AAS) to your attention, a decentralized Arbitrage auto trading platform.

Our sponsor, a trusted long time member of We Share Abundance,  monitored it as it was built and would have been part or the beta testing group, but it was $500 and not everyone that wanted was invited.
This is what he had to say…

“Beta testing went on for over 6 months with excellent results. They launched on 1st January 2023 and have had some issues with attackers. Even with the attacks, trading was still ongoing in the back end.
Great future plans, but for now, they are paying 1.65% daily, and auto compounding to be integrated as soon as possible and may be as early as February 2023.
They have recently added a rotational increase ROI that kicks in every 28th of the month for 10 days.
It’s only $20 to start and once the automatic compounding kicks in that could turn a $100 deposit, if not touched, to over 13k in just one year. Even just $20 becomes over $2,600!
If you choose to refer others they pay 5% commissions, but not on deposits, but the daily earnings.
Withdrawals are automated and hit your wallet within 30 seconds. Only USDT TRC20
Below is a video with the most recent update on the company plans.
Now I can be at peace knowing I did not keep to myself what works and can help others.
All the best for now, 
Regards, Pete”

So, I took a look and although there are teething problems with the way the site works I think out of all the Arbitrage Programs available this ticks most of the boxes.

If you choose to join us there is a button below the video and also a button the the home page of the website. 

Please do not join from the home page as it does not position you in our network; only use the registration button for joining us as then all commissons earned on your income will go to benefit We Share Abundance Members.

God bless,


NOTE: When registering after submitting you may get an error page – just hit the back button and log in with the username and password you created.

Once inside add your withdrawal wallet and complete your profile, but you cannot upload a picture now. They advised not to upload pictures yet as that would return an error.
Otherwise, the rest of the system should function fine, as they fine-tune it.
To get your affiliate link, you have to click on your name, it is boldly written but some people still miss it.
When funding your account, do not close the window until your deposit is confirmed, it takes a couple of minutes, but after a short wait, there will be a popup confirming your deposit.

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1 thought on “Automated Arbitrage For Passive Income”

  • Hello
    The program seams to be excellent and as the minimum earned amount that can be withdrawed is set to $50 and based on an estimated 63.5% monthly ROI that means that those who invest only $20 to $80 will wait a long time to compound and withdraw their money therefore
    I suggest a co-investment that will raise like $500+ with 25+ people with $20 investment each, this way we will speed up our ROI and then
    agree for a 50% forced reinvest policy & 50% allowed to be withdrawed by members of co-investment club through a request system.
    Wesa has already did such co-ops!
    Thank you

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