Vortic United

Vortic United


🎥 Vortic United FULL Presentation: https://youtu.be/ncfjN1HioyQ 

PDF Document – Overview and Pay Plan: https://vsawwp.com/2022/vortic/Vortic.pdf

NEW VIDEO – Meet the CEO: https://vimeo.com/768374341

Vortic United is a Legacy Trading Platform that provides Institutional Trading Systems accessible to the public. They use Advanced Overflow Trading, On-Chain Metrics and Technical Analysis to increase Longterm potential and sustainability. The CEO & Founder has an impeccable flawless business record and is an expert and seasoned trader himself of many years in the Crypto, Forex, Gold, Platinum, Precious Metals and Stock Market sectors. 


👉  https://t.me/+1sCPamzqOEwwODgx 

🎥 How To Register & Deposit: https://vimeo.com/764017261 

✍️ Register Today & Get Started Using THIS Link Or If a member of We Share Abundance use the FREE Downline Builder in your Member Area Dashboard to preserve genealogy integrity: 

What Makes Vortic United Stand Out?

🔴 Next Generation Institutional Crypto & Forex Trading Systems Now Available for the Public! Longterm Legacy Passive Income Platform!

🔴 Earn 0.8 to 1.2%, 5 Days a Week for 36-46 Weeks! 17-26% Per Month! 
80% of Capital Returned at the End of the Cycle!
Compounding Portfolio Available for Institutional Investors!

🔴 Advanced Order Flow Trading, On-Chain Metrics & Technical Analysis to Manage Portfolios – One of the Most Reliable Trading Methods to Cut Through Volatility and Maintain Longterm Profitability!

🔴 MINIMUM Portfolio $100, MAX Portfolio NO LIMIT!

🔴 CEO & Founder is Public with Established Relationship with Team Leaders and has a Spotless Clean Record in Trading a number of markets!

🔴 Made for Smaller Retail Investors as well as Professional & Institutional Investors!

🔴 Full Portfolio Management & Trading Done For You & Regular Weekly Trading Reports to give you Full Insights!

🔴 Private Equity Accounts Available for Institutional Investors of $100k or More

🔴 Unique, Simple Unilevel Compensation Plan Designed to be Profitable Yet Longterm!

🔴 Secure Multisignature Cold Storage Vault to Protect Deposits

🔴 First Class Customer Support!

🔴 Designed to be Simple, Easy, and Duplicatable!

✍️ Register Today & Get Started Using THIS Link:

 DISCLAIMER: We are not your financial advisors. There is a risk in cryptos and their passive income platforms. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Never deposit more than you can afford to lose.

🔺 VORTIC UNITED 🔺 FULL Review! | Long Term Passive Cryptocurrency Platform

2 thoughts on “Vortic United”

  • Hi Mr. Graham F.

    I tried to contact them buy their contact form doesn’t function for non-members (it is needed of a username).
    So, please send them this message if you are already a member (as a part of a minimum due diligence), thank you:

    Please send me a trading statement older than 1 year, from a LIVE account (you can mask sensitive data for privacy and security reason; also preferably to be older than 2 years and in addition to have a proof from myfxbook.com).

    I am an advanced trader (13 years experience) and I don’t believe you if you cannot prove to me your results.

    And don’t:

    * Tell me BS that your trading strategy is confidential (of course it is, but if you a smart person you can mask the secret data; anyway nobody can find out or know the entire strategy only from trading statement because they don’t know the reason and criteria used to enter and exit the trades);

    * Tell me that you don’t have such a statement (because if you don’t have it you should erase/delete/destroy the vortic-united website immediately because in this case it is based on a lie).

    * Tell me that you don’t have a money manager license to work with people’s money.

    Les see if you have balls to respond properly with evidence.
    If you fail to provide evidence then don’t expect for me and others to become your client(s), so it is your loss not mine.

    • This is only available for 2 months and is not MY Trading strategy – it’s a done for you trading by an experienced trader you can follow on facebook!

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