Vortic United

Vortic United


🎥 Vortic United FULL Presentation: https://youtu.be/ncfjN1HioyQ 

PDF Document – Overview and Pay Plan: https://vsawwp.com/2022/vortic/Vortic.pdf

NEW VIDEO – Meet the CEO: https://vimeo.com/768374341

Vortic United is a Legacy Trading Platform that provides Institutional Trading Systems accessible to the public. They use Advanced Overflow Trading, On-Chain Metrics and Technical Analysis to increase Longterm potential and sustainability. The CEO & Founder has an impeccable flawless business record and is an expert and seasoned trader himself of many years in the Crypto, Forex, Gold, Platinum, Precious Metals and Stock Market sectors. 


👉  https://t.me/+1sCPamzqOEwwODgx 

🎥 How To Register & Deposit: https://vimeo.com/764017261 

✍️ Register Today & Get Started Using THIS Link Or If a member of We Share Abundance use the FREE Downline Builder in your Member Area Dashboard to preserve genealogy integrity: 

What Makes Vortic United Stand Out?

🔴 Next Generation Institutional Crypto & Forex Trading Systems Now Available for the Public! Longterm Legacy Passive Income Platform!

🔴 Earn 0.8 to 1.2%, 5 Days a Week for 36-46 Weeks! 17-26% Per Month! 
80% of Capital Returned at the End of the Cycle!
Compounding Portfolio Available for Institutional Investors!

🔴 Advanced Order Flow Trading, On-Chain Metrics & Technical Analysis to Manage Portfolios – One of the Most Reliable Trading Methods to Cut Through Volatility and Maintain Longterm Profitability!

🔴 MINIMUM Portfolio $100, MAX Portfolio NO LIMIT!

🔴 CEO & Founder is Public with Established Relationship with Team Leaders and has a Spotless Clean Record in Trading a number of markets!

🔴 Made for Smaller Retail Investors as well as Professional & Institutional Investors!

🔴 Full Portfolio Management & Trading Done For You & Regular Weekly Trading Reports to give you Full Insights!

🔴 Private Equity Accounts Available for Institutional Investors of $100k or More

🔴 Unique, Simple Unilevel Compensation Plan Designed to be Profitable Yet Longterm!

🔴 Secure Multisignature Cold Storage Vault to Protect Deposits

🔴 First Class Customer Support!

🔴 Designed to be Simple, Easy, and Duplicatable!

✍️ Register Today & Get Started Using THIS Link:

 DISCLAIMER: We are not your financial advisors. There is a risk in cryptos and their passive income platforms. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Never deposit more than you can afford to lose.

🔺 VORTIC UNITED 🔺 FULL Review! | Long Term Passive Cryptocurrency Platform

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  • This is only available for 2 months and is not MY Trading strategy – it’s a done for you trading by an experienced trader you can follow on facebook!

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