Win Cash Daily, Weekly and Monthly


Watch the video below for more information...

This kicks off on the 21st. August 2023 and will continue for at least 100 days!

Prizes can range from gift items such as t-shirts to cash upto $50,000. 

The best part is it’s a freebie that comes with the purchase of a raffle ticket to possibly win $1,000,000,000. That’s not a typo folks, this is real and happeneing NOW – YOU can be the ONE BILLION DOLLAR WINNER!

Tickets are on sale now and the sooner you get yours the sooner you enter the games and the more chances you will have of winning every DAY, WEEK or Month! 

Grab a ticket now for a one time $20, $50 or $100 (obviously the raffle tickets have more benefits the higher the value) and know that you are helping raise cash for charities globally, while having fun daily and winning great prizes along the way.

I know that there are many of you that subscribe to my blog and mailing lists that already have tickets and so you are all set to go. 

Get additional EXCITING INFORMATION on Wednesday’s Avazoo livestream – subscribe now to their channel here…

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