The Vaccine Hoax

The Vaccine Hoax

Here are some cold facts and some opinions..

I am not a medical person or an expert with scientific knowledge, but my beliefs have kept me healthy and disease free for almost 80 years…

I consider health to be common sense and our God given right.

See the facts and judge for yourself….

4 thoughts on “The Vaccine Hoax”

  • One of the best doccu series on Vaccines. Goes into both sides of the story and all I know is my mind is made up.. I often wonder why most of the people that are demanding mandatory vaccines are pro choice in other areas of their life. If anyone wants to get a vaccine – That is their right to do so. I have the right to NOT get vaccinated, and NOT be punished for it.
    That is supposedly what good people died for in all these wars…. Wasn’t it?

    I encourage you watch the series… No I’m not a sales man for them.. I don’t make any money. It’s just good information.

  • Great viideo! Good to get the word out. You should try and post on Youtube. Maybe they won’t ban it.

    Sincerely Yours,
    David – Georgia U.S.

  • Thanks for sharing this thought provoking information about this very important issue!

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