Tapestri Update For FREE Cash

Tapestri Update For FREE Cash

It’s Your Decision….Tap In.

As we gear up for massive momentum make sure you have the info needed to succeed & stay tapped in.
  1. Android app update 1.1.5 This update fixes the keyboard issue some Samsung users were having.
  2. 5 Steps to getting started is now live in your back office. Go through all 5 steps to get up to speed with all things Tapestri.

If Not Already A Member Of Tapestri Click Here To Join Now FREE!

If a member of We Share Abindance please join using the FREE Downline Buolder in your dashboard.

5 Steps

STEP 1: Tapestri App 101

How to download and set the app up, how to send an in-app invite & how to use your affiliate link learn more

STEP 3: Back Office Basics

The who, what, when, where, why & how for everything from setting up your payout account to tracking your team members & leads. learn more

STEP 4: Take Action

What to do NOW to ensure you get paid and remain fully qualified for all bonuses learn more 

STEP 5: Marketing 

Simple yet effective marketing strategies to gain customers, affiliates and grow your business learn more

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