Billions of dedicated sports and entertainment fans around the world lack a Gamified Community where they can connect and share their passion.

Want to be a Part of the world’s first Swipe-to-Earn Fandom Metaverse, the world’s first Engage-to-Earn Creator Metaverse.

Who wants to play a game like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on their phone and stand a chance to win a million dollars? Everyone!

Right now we are building our community before launching the app in November 2022 before the football world cup in Qatar.


Super One

I confess that I don’t fully understand this because I simply have not had the time to watch the videos.
However, I do know that gaming is a trillion $ market and…
I do know that the football world cup is approaching.
As Richard Branson says, ” When offered an opportunity get involved and learn about it later.”
This on the face of it reall looks like something worthwhile, but do your own research!
I locked in a position for $10 and I’m not sure if that is even necessary.
This is all the information I have at present…
Please find the steps to Getting Started with SuperOne:

1. Register: Use the link here to get started and then update it with your own username. It’s FREE!
2. Post Registration – Click on My Balances – Deposit the Amount (Depending upon your Package you want) You need to deposit in XRP.
3. Once the balance appears in your account – Click on Loot Box – Choose which Pack You want to buy and Click on Buy appearing in Package
Overview Video –
Concept Video;
Business Presentation –

Premium: Cost $10, Tokens – 50
Bronze: Cost $100, Tokens – 500, 3 NFT Cards
Silver: Cost $500, Tokens – 3000, 6 NFT Cards, 2 Generation Matching Bonus
Gold: Cost $1000, Tokens – 12000, 9 NFT Cards, 4 Generation Matching Bonus, 20% Token Bonus, 20% Staking Bonus
Legend: Cost $10000, Tokens – 130000, 12 NFT Cards, 6 Generation Matching Bonus, 30% Token Bonus, 30% Staking Bonus
Origin: Cost $50000, Tokens – 700000, 15 NFT Cards, 8 Generation Matching Bonus, 40% Token Bonus, 40% Staking Bonus

10% Fast Start Bonus
10% – 20% Binary Bonus on Pay Leg
10% Matching Bonus upto 8 Generations
Earn Dividends on the Tokens
Earn 5% every time someone top up their gaming credits
Earn from the NFTs you own
Earn from the Advertising Space you own
SuperOne Creator Presentation:
SuperOne Lightpaper (English):

Click here now to register FREE

If you get stuck the name of your sponsor is frammie

Post Registration please do the following steps to claim your free gift:

 Claim your 🎁

  1. Click on My Wallet under Account > You will see a pop up > Click on Activate Now > You will receive 20 Tokens for free.

  2. Deposit XRP (Ripple) equivalent to your Package Value (always deposit a little extra)

  3. Once the deposit gets confirmed and balance appears on your account > Go to Loot Box > Buy Your Pack

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