Solo Ads Can Provide You With Targeted Traffic That Converts

Solo Ads Can Provide You With Targeted Traffic That Converts

However, solo ads today are not as simple as they used to be. Now there is a proliferation of “Bot Traffic” and false clicks from sweatshops in Vietnam.

What you need are real human eyeballs on your offer and better still targeted to your offer.

Coupled with this prices have soared and so we have poor quality clicks at inflated prices making it hard even for the more experienced online marketers to get value for money and almost impossible if you are new.

I have tested some of the “new and popular” vendors who guarantee optins and found them wanting. Yes they get you 45% opt in rates but when you check the open rates even for the initial welcome email they are well below what would be expected.

Normally a 65+% open rate is about right for the welcome email and can be higher so when I get 5% I smell a rat!

soloThis is not good especially when paying $1 or more per click. It may seem like you are getting leads for about $2 but a lead that doesn’t open your mail has no value. To pay $100 for 45 optins is ok but is not the real value and you should check on the open rate and $100 for 2 or 3 opens is very poor. $50 per open!

Far better to get 25% optin with 50% open for $100 which although poor is better value at $7 per open.

So what is the answer as solo ads have been, and still can be, the best traffic source for fast profits and effective list building?

Watch the video below for some ideas and help in getting real, targeted traffic to your offers in any niche…..

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