Please Read And Understand (For Your Own Sake!)…..

Please Read And Understand (For Your Own Sake!)…..

I have subscribers who are deaf and so videos and audios are no use to them…
Consequently I want to outline why its important to YOU that you invest in Yiggiy Association.

You Must Do This

  • It is $200 for each position
  • You can buy as many positions as you wish
  • Yiggiy itself is free to play games and win BIG Money and Valuable Prizes so there is no reason not to join…
  • You are not even allowed to use your own money to play these casino and other games.
  • People are already winning hundreds and even thousands of dollars with no cost even though Yiggiy is in Beta.
  • When Yiggiy launches it will change its name and Assiciation places will be closed forever, so act NOW!
  • Yiggiy is likely to launch before the end of this year – no fixed date at present.
  • Currently with no advertising there are over 3,000 games being played on some days.
  • On launch we will quickly reach 100,000 plays daily with funds and systems in place to expand rapidly.
  • 100,000 plays will produce less than $10 a month but even that is a great return on a one time $200 investment.
  • The plan is to get into India rapidly where players will grow fast to 4,000,000 per day (you do the maths)
  • Your math is understating the potential because there will be additional earning potential at that point!
  • The numbers for 4,000,000 plays is likely to be in the region of $12,500 per month. Not bad for $200 one time!
  • The goal for plays by the end of 2019 is to have 40,000,000 plays bringing you $125,000 a month in income.
  • It has always been stressed that the progress is not designed to be QUICK the plan is to be BIG and FOREVER!
  • The founder of this program is someone with vision and with a mission, this is a combination that MUST produce the desired results.
  • If you have the ability to listen to an audio then listen to this (its the latest updates from Yesterday and its exciting!)….

Whatever you do get at least $200 together and join now here
Then contact asking for payment options to join the Assoiciation.

If you are serious about changing your financial situation for the better you MUST take the time to undertsand what is happening here….
Learn and Join Here Now
Then contact asking for payment options to join the Assoiciation.

God bless,
p.s. “Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” ~ Desmond Tutu – Received Nobel Prize for Peace


2 thoughts on “Please Read And Understand (For Your Own Sake!)…..”

  • I payed 4x. 120,— $ to the Association , so 4 positions
    Now I see the price is 200 $ for one position ! ??
    Should I pay …extra now ?-

    Thanks for helping so many ( older) people !

    With respect and admiration


    • No your positions are good as they are – its only new positions that are $200 and only for a very short time!

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