Passive Trading Income

Passive Trading Income

It’s comforting to know that the people making you passive income are receiving awards! (See Image Below)

I started with IPC Capital at the very beginning of 2022 with $700. Today, 4th February, 2022 my account has grown to over $8,000 in just 5 weeks and I have already withdrawn my initial $700 (see below)
This is not all trading profits as a substantial portion is from referral income which is optional but highly lucrative!

The average NET PASSIVE TRADING RETURNS (there is a 20% deduction from your profits which is how IPC make their money) for the 5 weeks have averaged 5.91% a week. 

Try getting that from your bank manager for a year, not a week and he will laugh at you!

At 6% a week you double your money within 6 months if you withdraw every week.

If you leave it to compound you will double your money in just 3 months. This turns $1,000 into $16,000 in 12 months and will be much more if you choose to share this with others!

If you have $200 minimum ($99.90 is for your purchase of the Trading Bot and $100 is the minimum Trading Deposit) you can get started today and be enjoying Passive Income 5 days a week.

The button below will take you to a page where you will see instructions and videos to help you get started easily and quickly.

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