Passive Income Upto 45% A Month

Passive Income Upto 45% A Month

What happens when one door closes?

Another door opens which is usually an upgrade on the previous opportunity.

We have a closed door in ChainMine which we always knew could stop paying at any time and that seems to now be the case.

The good news is we have a new door opened which is solid and will be around for a long time creating 100% passive income for all.

Walk through the door now for a better 2022…

It’s not for everyone because it’s not free but you can get started for $200 for the best deal, and if really struggling you can start with $120. Note that $100 of the cost is actually a deposit to your trading account which you can withdraw in the future.

If you don’t have $120 right now bookmark the page because you soon will have that much and more from the We Share Abundance, Success On A Plate plan which is launching soon.

You can NOW trade FX or Crypto with your OWN account but let the Artificial Intelligence (BOT) do the HARD work for you. This is the TOP of all BOTs out there. I have seen and tested most of them in the last year or so. Do not think this is just another one … watch the video to get the full picture.


Just set it and let it do its job. You get to see your own real time trading markets and you can withdraw or re-invest your profits every week.

Proven, Tested, Canadian Real Trading Company, Licensed and Gov. Regulated (USA-Canada-Worldwide) It is Your Blessing For 2022.

It is totally passive but also has the option of a very lucrative referral plan if you choose to refer others. You must have an active trading account to be able to make referrals.

If you ever wanted to get into FX, Crypto or other markets, this is Your BEST Chance without doing any hard work. No analyzing the charts or markets. This AI Robot is the MOST successful one out there. You need to take time to watch the video below to learn what is offered and how it all works. (this is for information only and not linked to our team)

I would highly suggest to JOIN Now if you truly want additional income on auto-pilot in 2022.

You can learn more about IPC here…

Application Details:

To Join Link:

When joining make sure you see this REFERRAL NUMBER: IB143680
Joining through this link id: IB143680 you will become part of the We Share Abundance Team and all proceeds will be used to benefit WSA members…

You will need to fund your IPC account with at least $120, using either BTC or TRC20, before you can purchase the IPS Bot.

You will also need to do a KYC verification before you can withdraw (I did it with a Driver’s License and it was a simple and fast process)

IPCapital Guide: (from one associate) How To Fund, Bind MT4, Subscribe To The Bot,
Set Up Payment A/c, Withdraw, Compound etc.

I know this Auto Trading opportunity might not be for all but it is highly recommended with passive income upto 45% a month being achieved.

Join the telegram group I created here.

You can also find this now in the FREE Downline Builder in We Share Abundance.

God bless,
P.S. “To ignore the power of paradigms to influence your judgement is to put yourself at significant risk when exploring the future. To be able to shape your future you have to be ready and able to change your paradigm.” ~ Joel Barker – Author-Lecturer

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