New Pre-Launch Opportunity

New Pre-Launch Opportunity

This is an existing and successful program that is being updated to make sure that ALL Members will be in profit…..

Gold Mailer Club is undergoing BIG changes that will benefit YOU…

Some of the first things implemented will be old messages that are unread being removed…

So, if you have been inactive you won’t be overwhelmed when catching up.

We are also stopping all email notifications of messages at present to avoid your inbox getting flooded with unwanted mail.

Soon you will see an option in your wallet to upload SAWWP Tokens and the amount you hold there will be doubled when you attend the pre-launch webinar.

Remember the value for redeeming SAWWP Tokens on the site will never fall below 7 cents and you can currently purchase SAWWP Tokens for about 5 cents on the Waves exchange.

With a doubled portfolio that means a minimum profit of 9 cents per Token so grab yours now before the price goes up.

The new plan, when installed, will also guarantee ALL Members a profit just by logging in daily, reading mail in your inbox and sending 3 messages a month. That’s IT!

You can get more details of the new plan here

It will be simple to make a few hundred dollars a month and if you are ambitious there will be no easier way to make $10,000 a month or much more!

Get active now and start building your referrals because even free members will earn upgrades in the new plan and every upgrade is an extra monthly recurring commission you’ll earn.

Here is a link to log in or register if not already a member (its free!)….

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