Making Money Online – Why Most Systems Don’t Work

Making Money Online – Why Most Systems Don’t Work
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Can I share with you Why Other Programs Don’t Work?

Here’s an interesting conversation you may be able to relate to. It’s with a very nice lady named Donna where all the reasons that people come into a home based activity were discussed, and IMPORTANTLY why most of them never achieve the kind of results that they are looking for.

Donna explained that she had been involved in several different home based activities over the years, but none of them were ever really what she had hoped for or expected. Her story went something like this…

She followed all of their “systems” to the letter.

– She sent her money to her sponsor or the company and got started.

– Donna said she spent several hundred dollars on products each month that she knew she would never use, but that she was told she had to buy in order to “qualify” to earn any money.

– She then spent thousands of dollars and countless hours searching the internet trying to find places to advertise to promote her business because the company or opportunity that she joined didn’t provide her with any assistance for marketing and advertising.

– She spent hours and hours on the phone day after day talking with prospects, most of which were just “tire kickers” and weren’t really serious about starting a home based activity in the first place.

– She then tried to put as many of the “serious” prospects as she could on a conference call (which was supposed to do all the selling for her), never knowing if they actually attended the call or not.

– She diligently followed up with each prospect, which most of the time meant leaving repeated messages for prospects who would never call her back. Of the prospects that she actually got a hold of, they said they weren’t interested or they were “in” but never followed through on their decision to get started.

So after several months of this kind of “system”, she started to get pretty frustrated and admittedly felt a little defeated because she had nothing to show for all her hard work…no sales, no new team members, and no money.

Instead, she had a cupboard full of products that she would never use, several thousand dollars less in her bank account, and she was starting to develop serious doubt as to whether or not she had made the right decision by getting started with the opportunity.

She kept wondering what she was doing wrong. She was doing EXACTLY what she was told to do, but still wasn’t having any success. She kept asking herself…

“If the top ‘leaders’ in the company are following the same ‘system’ that I’m following, then…

Why haven’t I received any CASH yet?

Why isn’t the ‘system’ working for me”?

Unfortunately, she isn’t the only one who has ever felt this way while working a home based activity. While there are several different variables that can explain why most people don’t succeed, there is one major truth that most people don’t know and that will shock some of you.

The truth is…

The typical home based business is designed in such a way that it only works for 1 to 2% of those who get involved. And the companies don’t care because whether you succeed or fail they win!

1 to 2%…that’s it!

Think about it…

How many people do you know that have tried some type of home based activity or some way to receive more money from home? The latest statistic shows that most people know of at least 3 people who have tried some form of a home based activity in the past…and have failed! It could have been anything from a vending business, to a vitamin company, to satellite services, to selling make-up. Most people know at least 3 people who have tried at least something to try and receive more money from home.

So, why don’t more people have success in the home based arena?

Why don’t more people receive the kind of money that’s advertised by all these so-called “opportunities”?

Why doesn’t the traditional “system” for generating money from home work for everyone?

It’s really quite simple…

Most home based and/or money generating opportunities have a system for receiving money that is designed around the very things that people DON’T want instead of what they DO  want…which is MONEY!

After all, that’s the whole reason that people come into this arena in the first place…to receive more money! There’s no reason to sugarcoat it or call it something other than what it is…

People just want more money!

But instead of creating a true “system” that is designed around what people really want, nearly all money generating opportunities require that people do what they don’t want to do in order to make and receive money!

For example, people don’t want to buy monthly products, talk on the phone, sell to friends and family, listen to conference calls every morning or once a week, have meetings in their home, deal with the constant rejection from people who decided that it “just wasn’t for them”, have the phone attached to their hip in case the one prospect that sounded promising calls to get started, have family time interrupted because “mommy has to work”, and on, and on, and on.

But because no one developed a better system for generating money from home (until now), this is what most people had to do on a daily basis if they wanted to get a shot at being one of the 1 to 2% that actually receive the kind of money that is so heavily advertised in this industry.

But times have changed…and people are being introduced to a completely new and exciting way to receive money from home with a system that is designed around what people DO want, instead of what they don’t!

A system that is unlike anything that’s ever been developed. And while some people may be skeptical, that doesn’t change the fact that it is REAL and it WORKS!

And the best part is that people can start receiving money in an incredibly short amount of time following a true “system” where they don’t have to do any of the things that are associated with a “typical” home based activity! With this simple System there are:

NO Websites to build
NO Selling
NO Chasing
NO Hidden “secrets”
NO Products to hoard just to get paid
NO Hassles
NO Rejection
NO Stress
NO Up-lines or downlines

Think that’s impossible?

Think again. See Proof Here

What we’ve created with this system is unlike anything that’s ever been done before. It’s an exciting and incredibly simple system for creating wealth in the shortest amount of time possible…and IT WORKS!

So, if you’re involved in another so-called “opportunity” and are getting tired of following a “system” that doesn’t work…

If you’re tired of trying program after program with no results…

If you’re ready to finally find something that truly works…

Then it’s time to take a closer look at this! We have put together the most powerful and lucrative cash generating program in history, and combined it with a world class marketing and advertising system that is truly unlike anything else that’s being offered.

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