Making Money Online – When And How To Start

Making Money Online –  When And How To Start
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I recently saw a page offering an 89 page eBook and a 20 part video course on how to monetize Snapchat!

It may sound like great value to you but  do you really want to read 89 pages and then watch hours of videos or….


I have been through hours of training and bought hundreds of courses over the years. Some have been good and some not so good; a few have been brilliant but almost all do not compare with taking action!

It can be argued that you need to sharpen the axe before chopping the tree, and to a large extent I go along with that but give me a break, 89 pages and then hours on a video course!

Napoleon Hill was 100% on the mark when he said in Think And Grow Rich, “Don’t wait, the time will never be just right!”

Look, I’m not knocking training, it has its place and about 25% of your time in business should be spent in getting your mindset right and learning the how, BUT 75% must be spent on income producing activity.

Taking action is where you will learn the most beneficial lessons.

Start to earn while you learn, the road will not be easy at the start but each step will take you closer to  your goals and as you progress you will build momentum and move into a higher gear eventually reaching a comfortable cruising speed.

The important message here is to get started now!

There will never be a better time. There is an old Chinese proverb that says “the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and the second best time is now!”

If you don’t know where to start pick an affiliate product that you believe in, there are thousands on ClickBank – you can become an affiliate free and then look through the marketplace for something that you would buy.

Then buy it, evaluate it and write a short description of why you bought it and what it has done for you. Then advertise what you wrote with your affiliate link.

Maybe make a short video of what you wrote and add it on YouTube and then promote it.

If you prefer something done for you and proven to work then I recommend this its simple and great value with a massive marketplace. You get ad copy, training and a tele-sales team to boost your income all included.

The important thing is you believe in your product and in yourself and in the value you are offering. Remember that all your potential client has is money and a problem, but you have the power because you hold the solution!


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