Latest News Tapestri

Latest News Tapestri

Tapestri App Facts:

  1. How It Works: Your device creates location events daily, and this information
    has enormous value in the marketplace. The free Tapestri app taps in and
    pays for every 30 days of verified device location events (activity) collected.
  2. Activate Location To Earn: To get paid for device location events (activity)
    collected, the app must always have access to location all the time. This
    ensures the app can always collect and pay for this activity as you go about
    your day, even when the app is not open.
  3. Active App: An active app is set to allow location “Always” and has had
    event activity at least 90% of a 30-day period to qualify for a referral bonus.
  4. Tapestri Time: Your balance accumulates, and the circle fills in green until
    the 10th of every month when your earning clock resets. Then, all current
    funds in “Redeem Money” go through verification. Once verified, they transfer to “Earned Balance” for access on the 15th of the following month (Payday).
  5. Minimum Withdrawal: Free app customers and affiliates have a $10
    minimum amount needed to accrue in their account in order to transfer funds.
  6. Referral Bonuses: Referrals must activate the app, and the app must remain active for 30 days before any bonus is generated. All verified referral bonuses are earned on the 15th of the following month for previous months’ active apps referred. Referral bonuses are recurring (monthly), and there is no limit to how many people you can refer!
  7. Anonymous Avatar: While you are out at POI (Points of Interest) like stores, parks and businesses, other Tapsters (app users) can see your anonymous (nameless) avatar at these locations on the Tapestri map. Your Avatar is always incognito (hidden) from everyone but you, while you are at home (CND – Common Nighttime Dwelling).
  8. Tapestriland (The Map): The map shows anonymous Tapsters, out in public, getting paid for the device location event activity their phones create daily.
  9. Surveys: Surveys are 3rd party and offer our customers an additional option for increased earnings. We recommend taking your time filling them out to ensure the best results. It takes up to 24 hours for completed surveys to be authenticated before any earnings are represented.
  10. Tapsters (app customers): Everyone who installs the app must have 30
    days of activity before their earnings can be verified. Once verified, they are
    paid on the 15th of the following month.


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Tapestri Inc is a technology company that monetizes mobile location data via a free app. Our product is mobile location data.

  • The app needs to collect 30 days of mobile location data before Tapestri can monetize and pay the end user for the events collected.
  • Payday for data, surveys, referrals and affiliate commissions is always on the 15th of the following (next) month.
  • If someone installs the app on Oct 15th and that app is active (see definition above) then the 30th day would fall on Nov 14th.
  • Payday for all active apps during November is December 15th.

In the spirit of giving we made a 1-time exception on all apps that were installed between 10/6-10/10. Commissions and data earnings on all apps installed during this time that remained active through November 9, 2021 are paid on November 15th instead of December 15th.

We missed this early payment date. Our intentions were pure, unfortunately, due to some API challenges our execution is late and we are deeply sorry for that.

As of now:

  • All affiliates that earned $10 or more were notified and paid today.
  • As stated in the video above our 50% bonuses are being calculated and Super Affiliates will be paid as soon as possible.
  • Reporting will be available very soon (same time as the 50% matching bonuses are calculated) that will show everyone exactly how much they have earned.
  • Once they exceed the minimum, they will be paid as long as they have set up with Stripe or PayPal.
  • To set up your Stripe or PayPal, click on “Payouts” under your profile in the back office.

Remember this 1-time exception is only for activity that happened 10/6-10/10. December 15th is the 1st official payday.



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