Initiative Q Gives Away Money With No Obligations…

Initiative Q Gives Away Money With No Obligations…

YOU get $12,935 Crypto Just For Registering – WOW!!!

Learn more about Initiative Q here.

This is totally FREE MONEY with no obligation….

The problem is….

it’s by personal invite only and members only receive 15 invitations which expire if unused in 14 days.

So getting an invitation is not easy!

Problem Solved….

This post is designed to make it easier by posting active invitations for you to take advantage of this offer.

Links below (Click name for invitation) show an expiration date but may be used prior to this date so act fast….

NOTE: I have no control over the verification of your application as this is done by whoever owns the link.
Andrew Dean expires 21 Sept
Lucienne Fleury expires 21 Sept
Joseph Strydom  expires 22 Sept
Lynnea Palomino  expires 22 Sept
Robert Mcnair expires 25 Sept
Fungisai Ruraka expires 25 Sept

If you want YOUR link added above and are a member of the submit link with proof that you have pesonally introduced at least 3 members and link expiration date to my support desk here

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