How To Turn 40 Cents into $1,000 a month

How To Turn 40 Cents into $1,000 a month

However, recent activity suggests a Rug Pull may be coming!

A “Rug Pull” is a term used to describe a scam operation running off with members funds. These are typically preceeded by very high return promises locking you in for a specific terms and just before maturity the scam closes and the site disappears.

This tactic is often accompanied by high pressure sales methods to grab as much cash as they can before the inevitable disappearance of the site. They play on your greed and use it to steal your cash.

This is now looking likely in TRX.International and my advice is that all members withdraw all you can now and every day without re-investing and definitely without buying fixed term plans promising extremely high returns.

I am sorry to be posting this message but everything points to an imminent “Rug Pull” by them!

Seriously! 40 cents plus less than 2 minutes a day 

  • No Selling

  • No Recruiting

Watch the video below and you will see what you need to do each day and how you can be pulling out daily cash in 198 days or less with a total out of pocket expense of just $0.40

The sooner you start the sooner you will be drawing out daily cash!

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