ETF Passive Income

ETF Passive Income

Please note that the introductory offer to get started for just $99 has now ended and the minimum deposits for the ETF Pool and the Compound Pool are now $349.

The Flexi Pool is still $999 minimum.


The ETF Pool yields dividends of 0.8% – 1.1% daily. You can withdraw your ROI here daily and there’s no auto compounding. You can also withdraw your pool principal here at anytime.

The Compounding Pool allows you to compound automatically at 4.75% weekly for a period of 6 months where your profit and pool principal is locked for the period.

And the Daily Compounding Flexi as the name implies is a flexible daily auto compounding pool, where you can withdraw dividends daily, dividends are compounded daily automatically by our AI once you don’t make a withdrawal. It also runs for a 6 months period. You can also withdraw your pool principal from the Daily Compounding Flexi anytime.

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