Does A Broken Site Indicate A Broken Opportunity?

Does A Broken Site Indicate A Broken Opportunity?

Often a broken site means that an opportunity is no good but not always…..

Sometimes an opportunity is so good that the servers just can’t be upgraded fast enough to handle the traffic.

That’s the case with this Amazing, New, 100% Hands-Free Income For Everyone site!  


It really rocks but let me tell you how and why I got involved…

It all started when I was approached several times to join this “new opportunity”. (I’ve been making money online for over 18 years so I get pitched on almost everything but hardly ever join
a new opp as I know they don’t last)

I had declined several invitations and then along came Bobby….

If you want a technical explanation for how this works then I’m sorry but neither Bobby, my sponsor, or myself are able to provide one!

I am barely computer literate and simply do not understand much of how today’s technology works but then again I have no idea how a T.V. or a light bulb works!

It, simply put, is not important as long as you know how to switch things on and get the results that you want.

My expertise is over 40 years in sales and marketing and not being a born salesman with the “gift of the gab” it has been a long hard road, but very rewarding! 

Until recently I fully believed that if someone wanted to make big money online they must learn to sell and for the most part this is true; but Bobby found a way that does not take skill, technical ability, a big learning curve or a pile of cash to work.

I confess that I was super sceptical when he approached me but when he showed me his PayPal account with the bi-weekly credits totalling over $44,000 in less than a month my interest overcame my scepticism. 

Well almost, because my first thought was that he was involved in something shady or illegal. I’ve been making money online for 19 years and seen so many scams come and go especially the so called “High Yield Investment Plans” which are just illegal ponzis. 

I am not interested in making money from something that people lose their money in and so I was suspicious to say the least!

But even an old guy like me has heard of Bitcoin and I did know that some people had made a stack of cash by “mining” them but I never understood how and although I had been made aware of the opportunity several years ago I just could not get my old head around the new technology!

Bobby told me that this was all about “mining” Bitcoin and I almost walked away again, but when I asked him how it worked and he said he didn’t know I decided to check it out further; after all if he didn’t know and still had over $40,000 in his account in 22 days there had to be something there!

Maybe he had invested a huge amount of cash? So I asked him what his investment was and what he was committed to in the future. 

To my surprise his total investment with no recurring fees was just $97!

WOW! $97 to generate over $40,000 and not even understanding how it worked!

I decided this was too good to miss and even if it failed I could afford to risk $97 with the potential of such large rewards. 

I joined free and paid the $97 to activate my system and then it stalled!

My upgrade did not go through and I just kept being asked for $97. Well I am currently on vacation in Portugal and was not going to fret and worry so I just set out to enjoy my day and off we went to visit the beach and find some great seafood restaurant.

We got back late evening and I decided to check my emails and I also thought I’d look and see if my payment showed up. 

Magic! It was there and my site was working as a fully paid member, but now I was faced with the daunting task of setting up Bitcoins and such so that the system would do this “mining” for me and make me money with no effort or input from me. It all sounded too good to be true but, hey, I’d paid my $97 so I may as well have a go!

To my surprise it was pretty simple! Even I managed to complete the setup in under 30 minutes and I suppose my 5 year old great granddaughter could have done it much faster. She works my iPhone far better than me!

With that I went to bed and now this morning when checking my emails I had a large number with the subject “You just received 0.00120541 BTC”. The amounts varied considerably but being what seemed such small numbers I ignored them and thought “another $97 down the drain”.

Imagine my surprise when I opened my account and saw that all these tiny payments added up to real spendable cash in £££! Not a fortune and less than my investment but after just a few hours of doing nothing I was impressed and Bobby had told me that they start small and just get bigger and bigger, so WOW!

I am a total novice in all this so what I suggest is you check out what my pal Bobby has to say by clicking here.

Oh! And if you want a PDF that explains how this works (It’s all Greek to me) you can download it here.

This is cash from thin air and not an illusion! 

Check it out, what can you lose?


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