Do You Know Yourself?

Do You Know Yourself?

[svpVideo v=1]If we want different results in our lives then we must change what we do and how we do it.

I think most people understand that if we keep doing what we have always done we will keep getting what we have always got!

The problem is how do we make that change?

I was at a live 3 day event all about making money online recently and one whole day was spent on the topic of knowing ourselves.


Because we have to know exactly what we want and what is stopping us from getting it before we can make any headway!

We all have patterns or habits, things that we do every day either consciously or subconsciously and these things are directly related to the results that we get.

It is important that we examine the way we react to different things and ask ourselves what made us react in that way.

It’s so easy to blame the circumstances and become a victim of those circumstances but we all have the power of choice as to how we react to any circumstance or set of circumstances.

If we are sad or angry we should ask ourselves what did we do, what reaction did we choose that made us sad or angry and could we have chosen a different reaction that would have suited our purpose better?

This self analysis should be applied to all aspects of our life, happiness, laughter, success, failure and only by doing this can we move from the stance of the victim of circumstance to the control of our own destiny.

Put simply, did how we react to any situation move us towards our chosen goal or lifestyle or did it move us farther away?

Only by analyzing ourselves in this way can we break old and damaging behavior patterns and start to introduce new and beneficial behavior patterns in our lives.

If, like me, we know we are overweight what do we do that causes us to be overweight?

Knowing that we eat more than we need is not sufficient even though that is the obvious cause. We must learn why we overeat and what patterns cause us to overeat so that we can start to change those patterns.

Each time we eat we need to ask ourselves why we ate and why we ate what we did and did the action move us closer to or farther from our goals?

It is easy to say we ate because….

  • we made food for the family

  • we are on medication

  • we were frustrated or sad or happy or

  • whatever EXCUSE we claim

But if our goal is to be healthy and fit and strong and NOT overweight, what other choices did we have. WE are NOT victims of circumstance unless we CHOOSE to be!

If we are overweight it is OUR CHOICE, no-one is force feeding us sugar laden treats!

And so it is with all aspects of our life.

We must be constantly asking ourselves why we did something and did it move us closer to where we want to be or did it take us farther away?

We are blessed with the gift of choice but so often we do not use it for our own best interests and so become victims of circumstance rather than masters of our destiny!

To get what we want we must first know exactly what we want and then, through constant self analysis, create patterns that move us towards our goals.

It takes courage, it requires us to acknowledge that we alone are responsible for where we are now and that only through choosing new and better actions can we change our destination.


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