Catching The Passive Income Wave

Catching The Passive Income Wave


  1. Never use money you are not prepared to lose
  2. Always plan to open multiple income streams and use funds from one plan to start another plan spreading your risk.
  3. Never panic buy or sell – there are always people out there who will push you to buy because of their commissions and there are always people who want you to fail. Do your own due dilligence and act based on your own findings and not hearsay.
  4. If you want to make your investments as safe as possible, pull out your seed capital early so that you cannot lose.
  5. Get in early and compound, compound and compound.

High Risk: Although this plan has been paying our sponsor daily since February 2022 he has only invested at the Starter and Light Contract levels. At these levels and with a minimum deposit of  0.0005 BTC (currently about $12) this plan seems to pay and may be a good solution for those with limited capital to get started in passive income plans. However, in higher return plans after a short while withdrawals are placed in pending and then require further deposits to start payments again. This is a common SCAM strategy – do not throw good money after bad!

LOW RISK! This is my all time favourite for stability, transparency and honesty. The minimum to get started is just $50 with no monthy fees and has been paying a minimum of 4% a week, without fail, since it first started. Larger investments attract higher returns and can enable you to retire in 34 weeks. This plan also has the best referral income of any plan omnline and rewrads you for helping others make money!

LOW to Medium Risk: This is a really great plan and you can get started for just $20. A good friend has been uinvolved for about 8 months, started with $500 and is now drawing $10,000 a month – take it seriously and get serious results.

LOW to Medium Risk: 100% Passive with fully automatic compounding, Set and forget but takes 5 to 6 years to retirement unless you choose to share with others and then retirement can be FAST! This is a one time  $50 purchase but if you join using our link we will rebate you $35 making your total one time cost just $15. LITERALLY TOO GOOD TO MISS!

LOW to Medium Risk: Probably one of the best known passive plans, requires a higher start up (minimum $110 but realistically you need $200 or $300) than any of the above but very reliable income.

Low to Medium Risk: This plan has been paying steadily for some time and pays a minimum of 1.2% a day, 7 days a week. The longer I am in this plan the more I like it. It requires the rental for 1 year of a bot which is $50 and then a minimum deposit of $50 after which you can compound your earnings as long as there is a minimum $15 available. Strong referral income available for those who help others by sharing.

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