There are just 2 ways to make money online….

There are just 2 ways to make money online….

Actively or Passively!

That’s it![svpVideo v=1]

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Of course you can combine the two for maximum results, but keeping it simple Active will always be faster than Passive.

If you are prepared to be active and spend 3 to 5 hours a week following a proven path then…

Follow John Crestani’s training here….

He’s a super nice guy in every way and not at all spoiled by his massive online success in affiliate marketing….

and now offering a FREE training on how he makes at least $1,000 a day….

  • without a product

  • without a list

  • and without even building a list!

He has a short video here to tell you more….

If you want Passive Income:

then 3 programs doing well for me are….

  • Westland Storage – 3 year track record – pays withdrawals usually instantly and always within a few hours

  • Crypto300 – cloned from a parent site with a 2 year track record – pays withdrawals usually within 48 hours

  • Tiki – new with no history but currently paying withdrawals within 24 hours and providing 6.48% PROFIT A DAY!

All the above are currently paying out and not just reflecting “virtual profits”. However….

I suggest using a strategy that gets your investment back and then using profits to grow your “nest egg”.

They should all be treated with caution and used to build a fund which can be used to invest in Vista Networks once it relaunches.

Why do I say this?

Well history does not always translate into what will happen in the future and both Crypto300 and Tiki allow compounding which is frowned upon by bodies such as the SEC and so may not be legally compliant!

Westland Storage appears to be sound, doing things the right way and pays out pretty much instantly a request is made but I see no evedence of them being advised by the legal profession as to being fully compliant; so may at some stage come under scrutiny.

Vista Networks on the other hand has employed the best of the best in legal advice and spent months making sure they are and will stay compliant now and in the future.

This has caused several delays in the launch but can only bode well for the future and they will soon be accepting new members at which time I will provide a link here!

Vista Networks (link coming soon!) will be the go to solution for long term income for all people whether they wish to be Passive, Active or combine the two.

God bless,
p.s. “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life, it goes on.” ~ Robert Frost – 1874-1963 – Poet

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