Why Do People Want An Online Business?

Why Do People Want An Online Business?
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There are many reasons why people contemplate having an online business or working from home; but there are 2 main reasons…..

  1. The desire to have more time to spend enjoying life. This reason applies to most people and even to those who are already financially secure.

    Doctors, Lawyers and other high income professions often have what they want from a financial point of view but the price they pay is in having no time to really enjoy life and spend time with their loved ones.

    Would you love to be able to spend your life doing what you want, when you want, with who you want, for whatever reason you want?

    This is why I got involved in home business opportunities long before the Internet came along. See What Is A Success Lifestyle

  2. The NEED for a larger income. This is basic and unlike the reason above is all about survival.

    It may be that your income now allows you to provide for and feed yourself and your family, but you want more!

    You want security, you want a college education for the kids, you want family vacations and travel, you want to live in a better neighborhood or drive a better car. There are thousands of reasons that are your own personal reasons for wanting to change.

And the last word above “CHANGE” is what is required no matter what it is you want but do not have.

Everything you now have is within your comfort zone and everything you desire but do not have is outside your comfort zone. To live your dreams requires change and growth and for some that is more uncomfortable than the discomfort of settling for what you have now!

Change also involves risk, you are entering unknown territory and the fear that this creates often stops people dead in their tracks. Only by overcoming fear and doubt and accepting risk as a part of growth can we be successful.

Since the 1980’s I have been involved in the home business industry and since 1998 I have been making money online. I have taken risks and had many ups and downs. I’ve been very prosperous at times and I’ve had no cash for utilities and had my electric cut off for a month and no money to put fuel in the car at another time.

But overall the journey has been enjoyable and rewarding and I have made some great friends and been able to do things many others only dream about.

In late 2015 and 2016 I made some bad decisions which have cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have taken up “offers” that involved things I did not fully understand (mainly Forex and crypto currency) and they have not paid off for me.

Quite the reverse! So I am getting back to what I know with people I know and trust. I am partnering with Dave Sharpe and helping to launch his new program. 

He has sold over $170,000,000 in products online in a relatively short space of time (since 2009) and most of those sales in the last few years. What Dave is now doing is providing a copy and paste way for anyone to duplicate his success.

It will be simple but it will also require action and investment; it will create change and in doing so provide you with an income you may only have dreamed about, and it will provide this in just a few hours a day.

Can you imagine what a $10,000+ per month income generated in 2 hours a day will do for your life?

This is launching in March 2017 but if you are impatient to make the BIG change in your life contact me now (only if you are dead serious) and I can get you started on the road to success as early as Tuesday, 17th January, 2017.

Contact me at my support desk here with the subject “I want to work with Graham & Dave” and your contact details in the body (include your Skype username and the best time to connect) and my team will pass your information to me and I will personally contact you to get you started fast.


5 thoughts on “Why Do People Want An Online Business?”

  • I am happy to join this site. Now what if right now I don’t have any penny to pay for starting up.
    Can’t you permit me a chance and charge me later according to my performance?
    Thank you.

    Skype Id: john.balikuddembe1

    • I’m afraid business does not work that way – nor does life in general. when people want something enough they find a way to get it and that serves as their inspiration and commitment to their success.
      The facts of life are that the more we put in the greater the return and in all cases we must give before we receive.
      It is also a fact that when I have tried in the past to offer something for nothing, it is spurned and leads only to failure. If you genuinely seek success you will find a way, but if you are half-hearted you will only find excuses!

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