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Claim Your FREE AVAZOO $1,000,000,000 Raffle Ticket TODAY!




Many people joined the Avazoo Ambassador Plan to gain a free $20 Raffle ticket. Most failed to earn the ticket but until Midnight (EST) Sunday 14th November 2021 you can receive a free $100 Raffle ticket without the need to sell anything or refer anyone.

If you are already registered simply log into your dashboard by clicking the image on the left and select the VIP offer.

If not already registered click here now and claim your ticket.    YOU COULD BE THE BILLION DOLLAR WINNER, but even if you misss out on the top prize you have a 1 in 3 chance of winning one of the other 16,000,000+ cash prizes of upto $1,000,000!

If you have problems upgrading for any reason contact Justin at info@avazoo.com



6 thoughts on “Updates, Tapestri; V Cash Card; Avazoo.”

  • Hi Graham,I have sent replies to this page several times with no hope of resolution.I am giving a final try this time.
    My problem is I have tried to register with Avazoo many times but for some reason I keep getting the notification ‘This site can’t be reached’.Would someone help me in this problem?
    Your help will be highly appreciated.

  • This is the reply I received from Justin from Avazoo helpdesk about upgrading to VIP Because you registered as a player, you would not receive a pop up message as only Ambassadors got that message to transfer. Because you are a player by user mistake, it makes it difficult for us to move you since you already registered prior and agreed to the Terms of Services of that account. I will do my best to try to transfer you but there is no guarantee due to our strict guidelines set by our regulators we must follow. I will forward this to those involved in the process and will reach out back to you if I find out additional information regarding your account. Reserving a player paid ticket is still a great way to participate in our first raffle. Thank you for your understanding!

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