Top Tips For Passive Income

Passive income will allow YOU to make money in your sleep and solve your financial problems forever. But you must always follow the golden rules:

  1. Never use money you can’t afford to lose.

  2. Always do your own due dilligence and own the responsiblity for your decisions.

  3. Withdraw your capital as early as is practical so that you eliminate any risk.

  4. Once “Risk Free” – Compound with passion.

  5. Opportunities come and go so always check back here for all the latest news.

All the plans below are not displayed in any special order of merit and are selected for transparency and having verifyable and contactable owners. The links to join may be found in the We Share Abundance Multiple Income Streams…
Not a member? Join now it’s better than FREE...

1. We Share Abundance (WSA) ShareHope plan: FREE INCOME FOREVER – zero cash required! Did you know that We Share Abundance offers FREE monthly payments to you simply for logging into your account daily and reading any messages?
Make sure you get in line for YOUR FREE MONTHLY CASH that increases year after year…

2. WSA Stable Stake Plan: $100, no more and no less, provides INCOME FOREVER!

3. WSA Secondary Staking: from $25, with no maximum, for a 5 year passive income plan.

4. Vortic-United: At present there are no withdrawals and the latest announcement is that there will not be any for 2 to 4 weeks. However, they just announced that from October 1st they will accept card payments and also pay out in FIAT – THAT’S HUGE NEWS!

5. ETFpools: Several Options ranging from $349 and transparent results..

6. Beyond Infinity: Just a one time $50 for a huge passive income given time – join with the WSA admin link and get a $35 rebate making it just  a one time $15. See

7. BitSports: Sports Betting Arbitrage done for you from just $50 (was only $10) to get started. We started an account on May 30th with $200 and no recruiting or activity of any kind have earned over $170 to date (Sept 5th). We also started a plan at the same time with just $10 and with referrals have earned over $512 to date. See

8. Afriq Arbitrage System is a very strong and transparent way to passive income. They had some problems with an employee stealing millions of $$ and hacking the program and it’s taking a while to recover, but now they are trading again and paying withdrawals…

9. Legacy Wealth (Cryptex): The beauty of this plan is that once in you have to be patient and wait for 3 or 5 years, depending on the option you choose, before you reap any benefits. You can’t back out and withdraw early spoiling your chance of the huge returns available from compounding…

10. Avazoo: Is not a passive income plan but you can generate really good income daily, weekly and monthly by simply promoting this page.. I should mention that you can also qualify to share in a $50,000,000 pool simply by selling a few tickets; it’s made even easier because ticket sales are valid through 2 levels in addition to your own sales. WOW!

Learn about sharing in the $50,000,000 pool here THIS IS VERY LIMITED TIME only until 15th November 2023 – miss it and lose out!…

11. ITP: Last on the list but VERY POWERFUL – learn all the facts and see withdrawal proof here now…

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