The Power of Words

The Power of Words

I will start with a short video that has been on YouTube for some time. It is a reflection of how a few changes in the way we say things can influence others – but more importantly you should realise that how we say things influences ourselves!

Great video isn’t it!

Now think about how you use words and how they can quickly have a negative effect.

Just a small word can be so destructive – in fact it is usually the smallest words that can do most damage!

For example suppose someone asks you, “how do I look?”

You reply, “You look great!” Now that’s really positive and will make the person feel good and confident.

However, if you add just one tiny word to that statement, no matter what comes after that word the whole meaning is lost and changed….

“You look great, but…………” See how the “but” has totally negated the beneficial side of the statement and created doubt. Even if you say, “but you would look even better if…..” the whole meaning has changed.

Far better to not add anything or say, “and I think you would feel and look even better if…..” And does not create doubt – it simply adds to the compliment.

Another word that can be self damaging is “try!”

“I’ll try” conveys a message to your subconscious that it is hard and you will probably not succeed and your subconscious exists too prove you right.

So eliminate but’s and try’s from your vocabulary. Use “I will do and”  in place of “I’ll try but” and you will soon start to see big changes in your effectiveness.

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